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Woman Injured In Reno Hit and Run Accident

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A Reno automobile accident has resulted in the injury of a woman in South Reno. The accident, which happened around 4:30 p.m. this afternoon, occurred when a Montana registered Grand Prix by Pontiac. The car, assumed to be manufactured in the late 1990s or early 2000s was eventually found by Reno police at 6p.m. Police eventually found the driver of the Pontiac at approximately 7:30 p.m. near Longley Lane. The Reno woman hurt in the hit and run accident in Washoe County was rushed to a local hospital and eventually released with minor injuries. Police have ticketed the hit and run driver with leaving the scene of an accident. News reports have not indicated if the accident was due to alcohol or other mind-altering drug.


The good news from the Nevada automobile hit and run accident was that the woman riding the bicycle was not hurt. Bicycle/automobile accidents are commonplace in the United States – in fact, for example, 726 people were killed in bicycle accidents in 2012. That’s almost two people every day that are killed in a bicycle accident. The 726 people killed showed a moderate increased in the number of bicycle deaths in 2011; there were 682 bicyclists killed that year. However, only 2% of the people killed in automobile accidents in 2012 were riding bicycles. While the number of bicyclist deaths are relatively low compared to other 2012 traffic fatalities, the number of people injured on bicycles in 2012 was 49,000. This was 1000 people more that were hurt in bicycle accidents in 2011 but 3000 less than those injured in 2010 (52,000).


While bicycle fatalities only account for 2% of the deaths due to accidents in the United States, only 1% of trips taken in the United States are on bicycles. There are many factors that lead to a bicycle accident including weather, the rider’s skill, motorists, road conditions, total time and distance bicycling, clothing worn by the rider, tinted windows, observance of traffic laws and even the use of alcohol and drugs by both the drivers of cars and bicycles.


NV-attorney is the Reno, NV division of well known Las Vegas personal injury law firm, Benson and Bingham. We at B&B focus most on the customer service we provide to those we represent. In fact, much of our customer base comes from referrals from those we have represented in the past.


Man Injured In Downtown Reno Aircraft Accident

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Some injuries are commonplace – car accidents, pedestrian accidents, slips and falls in a casino, work accidents. Others are rare – freak accidents where someone accidentally suffers a severe cut in the kitchen, a bridge collapsing or even a bridge collapsing. A Reno aviation accident last weekend was thankfully significantly less tragic than one would expect. Last Sunday, a glider pilot abandoned his aircraft as it began to rip apart mid-air. As the glider plunged to the ground, the pilot was able to eject and parachute onto downtown Reno city streets. The pilot, upon landing at 5th Street an Arlington Avenue, was injured, but only minor. The glider landed in two pieces in Reno, with a wing coming to a stop at a park named Dick Taylor. The fuselage of the plane landed on the roof of a parking garage on the top of a nearby hospital. The same hospital the glider pilot was rushed to in order to treat his injuries. The Northern Nevada air accident is currently being investigated by the United States transportation agency, and the name of the pilot and the full extent of his injuries has not been released.


Fortunately, what could have been a tragic accident did not turn out so. The aircraft incident in Washoe County did not result in a Ren automobile accident, since it happened on a Sunday afternoon at what can often be a busy intersection. No pedestrians or onlookers were hurt by the man parachuting in the middle of a busy street. With plane parts falling from the sky no one was hurt by falling debris. Even though the plane’s fuselage landed in a parking lot, no one was hurt there and even none of the parked cars suffered any damage.


Like many recent stories, this Reno air accident received national media attention in magazines such as Popular Mechanics, Jalopnik, The Sacramento Bee, and Flying Magazine.


NV-Attorney.com is the Northern Nevada branch of the widely knows Las Vegas personal injury law firm, Benson and Bingham. Our Nevada licensed personal injury attorneys have significant experience with nearly all types of personal injury law including Las Vegas automobile accidents, Southern Nevada wrongful death and even accidents that happen in casinos outside of Nevada that have corporate headquarters in the Silver State. Each and everyone of our clients is also covered by our exclusive happiness guarentee. If you are unhappy with our invoice at the end of your case, we will work with you to arrive at a fee structure that meets your approval.


Woman Sentenced In 2014 Reno Pedestrian Accident

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A 2014 Reno hit and run accident has finally come to somewhat of a conclusion when Nevada resident, Myree Townsend, 40. Ms. Townsend pleaded to a felony count of leaving the scene of an injury accident and has been ordered to pay a portion of nearly $1 million every week. The additional parts of Ms. Townsend’s sentence include community service of over 500 hours and five years of probation. Ms. Townsend turned herself in to Reno police for the Northern Nevada pedestrian accident about a week after the crash occurred.

The May 2014 pedestrian accident in Washoe County was life changing for the teenager that was hit. The accident, which happened in a crosswalk in the Southern end of Reno. 24-year old Gabriel Kennedy was crossing near a crosswalk when he was hit by a light colored small SUV. The driver of the SUV, Myree Townsend, did not wait for police or assist to help the young man and later turned herself into police. Mr. Kennedy was seriously harmed in the accident – having lost a leg to amputation, and the young man was in a coma for a considerable amount of time. He also has a large scar on one of his arms. There is a hole in Mr. Kennedy’s neck that was used to help him breathe while he was in his coma.


Mr. Kennedy has been working through significant rehabilitation due to the accident. The Reno man additionally suffered a collapsed lung and brain injury and now has trouble speaking. Much of the healing Mr. Kennedy had to do was allow his brain to stop swelling from the serious trauma of the accident.


NV-Attorney is the Northern Nevada online branch of leading Las Vegas personal injury law firm, Benson and Bingham. Our Southern Nevada personal injury law firm also has significant experience in all corners of the Silver State. Our firm is adept at all types of Nevada personal injury law including pedestrian accidents in Las Vegas, Nevada automobile accidents and even Clark County casino accidents. Our firm represents native Nevadans, those who recently moved here, tourists from across the country and even international visitors to Nevada. Our firm prides itself on customer service – and this customer service focus has brought us even more clients through recommendations to friends by those we’ve previously represented. Finally, everyone we represent is covered by our happiness guarantee. This guarantee provides our customers with the knowledge that if at the end of their case, if they are unhappy with their final bill, we will work with them to develop an invoice that meets with their approval.


Maine Chair Lift Accident Could Happen In Northern Nevada

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A Maine ski resort, Sugarloaf, had a significant chair lift accident that injured seven of the two hundred people who were on the lift at the time. The ski resort accident was caused by a fault in a gearbox which caused the malfunction. The accident is currently being investigated and the ski resort remains closed. Just before the weekend, the gearbox that malfunctioned this weekend was inspected – and passed. The lift was working correctly on Saturday afternoon when it abruptly stopped then spun backwards, approximately for half of the distance of the lift. While Nevada ski resorts have had a relatively weak ski season in Winter 2014/2015, accidents can still happen at Northern Nevada/Lake Tahoe ski resorts. If you have been injured in a Reno vacation accident, contact Benson and Bingham today to start discussing your case.


Since both Northern and Southern Nevada are tourist heavy areas, tourism accidents in Clark County and Washoe County are very common. Some of the more common types of Northern or Southern Nevada vacation accidents that happen are casino accidents. Casino accidents can be escalator mishaps, elevator malfunctions, alcohol-related injuries and even slip and fall accidents on tile and carpet. Slip and fall accidents can happen on carpet or tile. Carpets can wear out and people can slip on tile that is being mopped and cleaned. Other types of vacation accidents can be when tourists are participating in extreme sports. Extreme sport injuries can come from snowboarding, skiing, boating, swimming and water skiing. In Southern Nevada, tourist accidents can come from skydiving and ATV adventures. Some have even been injured hiking in the mountains around Lake Tahoe or around Lake Mead.


Benson and Bingham is a Southern Nevada personal injury law firm that has significant presence across the Silver State. Our Nevada licensed attorneys have experience with Las Vegas automobile accidents, Clark County wrongful death cases and even pedestrian accidents in Southern Nevada. We can also represent people who are injured in casinos and vacation resorts outside of Nevada when the property’s corporate headquarters is based in the Silver State. Our firm is extremely client focused – we develop strong relationships with the individuals and families we represent and these relationships are often responsible for referrals we receive for new clients. Everyone of our clients is also covered by our exclusive happiness guarantee. Not happy with the final invoice in your case? Benson and Bingham’s team members will develop an invoice structure that meets with your approval.


Huge Increase in 2015 Northern Nevada Homicides

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Statistics show homicides have seen significant early growth in 2015 in Washoe County. Much of the time, a homicide can potentially be a Reno wrongful death case and the surviving family members should contact a Nevada personal injury attorney to discuss potential remuneration due to the loss of their loved one. The homicides have occurred throughout the Washoe Valley. A woman was injured and a man was killed in a shooting in Sparks on Burnside Dr. Near UNR, Two women died in a murder suicide in February. A home invasion resulted in the beating death of a Reno man in January. In 2014, Northwestern Nevada saw no homicides.

There is little evidence that the Northern Nevada wrongful deaths suggest a trend. The weather so far in 2015 has been warm with little rain and snow. One of a key factors to many in-home homicides is domestic violence.

The Sparks murder from last week occurred when a woman and her friend had returned to the former domicile to retrieve property. The woman who was killed was found shot on the front yard of her former residence. Police responded to and arrived at the residence approximately one minute after the 911 call.

The February murder suicide occurred on Brentwood Dr. at the 1000 block. When police and paramedics reported to the scene of the suspected crime, they found the two women, murdered and three cats in the back yard that had also been killed with single gunshots. A gun that is suspected of being used in the shootings was also found at the scene.

At the end of January, a Sparks home invasion resulted in the death of a man trying to defend his home. Robert McDonald, 68, was killed when someone had broken into the 20th St. home on the 900 block and beat both men. Mr. McDonald eventually was removed from life support systems and succumbed to his injuries. Sparks police found no evidence of forced entry and due to the nature of the injuries, neither man that was hurt was able to explain the attack.

If you have a family member that has died to an untimely death, contact Benson and Bingham today to speak to one of our licensed Nevada personal injury attorneys. Benson and Bingham, based in Las Vegas, is one of Nevada’s leading personal injury law firms, specializing in wrongful death in Washoe County, Las Vegas automobile accidents and Southern Nevada casino slip and fall incidents.

Four Reno Residents Killed in Separate Reno Auto Accidents

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The death of two Reno residents in car crashes this week highlights the need for safer Northern Nevada driving habits. The first accident, which occurred on McCarren injured one person and killed two senior citizens in separate cars. . The driver of a white Korean made SUV had a medical episode which caused him to lose consciousness and cross the concrete median that separates the oncoming lanes on the four lane road which circles through Reno and Sparks. The driver of the Kia SUV, was Sparks resident, Steven Williams. He was 67 years old. Mr. Logan Knight, 75, was riding in a Cadillac when the accident occurred. The driver of the American-made luxury vehicle, whose name and age have not been released, is still in critical condition at a local hospital. The accident, which occurred at approximately 7 in the morning, caused significant traffic issues as multiple lanes on the Reno highway were closed. If you or a relative has been injured or killed in a Reno car accident, contact Benson and Bingham today.

The second accident occurred in rural Nevada and killed two people who resided in Reno. The two people, 43-year old Duong Chi Ly and 44-year old Trinh M. Duong. Two other Reno residents were injured in the Northern Nevada automobile crash, 44-year old Ardi Ly and 50-year old Steven Lee. This accident also happened at 7 in the morning. The crash happened when a semi-trick attempted to make a U-turn on Interstate 95. Just as the U-turn was being finished, the car driven by Mr. Ly, a Honda, hit the back of the trailer. The Honda Pilot stopped on the highway shoulder, propped on its left side wheels. The one lane rural Nevada highway has a 70 mile per hour speed limit.

NV-attorney is the Northern Nevada arm of the leading Las Vegas personal injury law firm, Benson and Bingham. We have extensive experience with Clark County auto injury accidents, Las Vegas wrongful death cases and pedestrian accidents in Southern Nevada. Since 2010, our Nevada licensed personal injury attorneys have secured over $62,000,000 for our clients. We have gone toe-to-toe with insurance companies intent on keeping their payout for injuries caused by their clients as low as possible and have been successful in both out-of-court settlements and trials all around Nevada. We also offer each and every one of our clients our exclusive happiness guarantee.

54-year Old Man Killed In Reno Pedestrian Accident

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With fatal pedestrian accidents occurring on the average of one every two months (or 6 times a year) in Reno, area police departments, the Nevada Department of Transportation and the Washoe County Commission are all looking for ways to reduce the number of pedestrian deaths in Washoe County. In December, a 54-year old man was killed crossing North Virginia Ave in front of the Bonanza casino. The man, Vincent Yowell, was eventually found to be inebriated at the time of the crash and had failed to activate the walk signal that would have alerted motorists that someone was crossing. Mr. Yowell was actually struck by two automobiles and one of the drivers contacted Reno police about the accident. The 53-year old driver was the second to hit Mr. Yowell and believed that he had hit a large animal, instead of hitting a person. The Bonanza Hotel’s surveillance cameras caught the accident, and absolved both drivers of fault in the crash.

In an attempt to reduce the number of Reno pedestrian accidents, the Reno police have begun a number of efforts to ticket those in Reno who are not driving safely or who are driving recklessly. Police have been sending undercover officers to dangerous intersections in Washoe County. All intersections have crosswalks, whether they are marked or not. When someone is in a crosswalk, unless there is a traffic island, motorists must stop and wait for them cross the street completely before those driving cars continue on their way. Crosswalks can also be in areas that are heavily trafficked by pedestrians, including areas around schools, parks and hospitals. When turning a corner, drivers are asked to slow down and anticipate someone crossing the street. It has been estimated that approximately 50% of all pedestrian accidents are the fault of the person hit by a car and not the driver.

NV-Attorney is the Northern Nevada arm of leading Las Vegas personal injury law firm, Benson and Bingham. Across the Silver State, Benson and Bingham is known for assisting those who are injured through no fault of their own in Northern Nevada car crashes, Reno casino injuries and even animal attacks in Washoe County. Benson and Bingham and NV-Attorney also represent the families of those who have been killed in wrongful death accidents. All of Benson and Bingham clients also receive B&B’s exclusive happiness guarantee. Simply stated, the guarantee gives all of our customers the right to push back on an invoice total they do not agree with.



Vehicle Accident in Reno, Among Many

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There have been a slew of vehicle accidents in Northern Nevada over the last few days. Many of the accidents have been the predicable, if still terrible, winter weather accidents. We’ve finally seen some precipitation and that means wet road car crashes in Reno and the surrounding area, and snow and ice accidents up in the higher elevations. Mix out of towners into the snowy slushy slurry, and you have the perfect, if that’s the right word, recipe for anything from fender benders to bad rollover crashes in Washoe County, Douglass County, Carson City, and more. Word to the wise, for anyone reading this who isn’t familiar with driving in the snow, rain or ice: four wheel drive will not save you. You can’t lock it into four wheel and then go as fast as you want or normally would. It won’t keep you from sliding off the road if you take a turn too fast, and it doesn’t mean you can stop on a dime. You still have to go slow, and be careful. And if you’re a victim of someone else’s negligence and inability to drive safely in the snow, the next thing you need is a good lawyer like Benson & Bingham Attorneys at Law who can fight for your legal rights and get you the compensation you deserve and need to move on with your life.

But perhaps the most recent car accident near Reno does not appear to be one of these snow accidents. Little is known about this vehicle accident so far. The severity of any injuries, the age, name, or even the sex of the driver of the vehicle has not been released. The vehicle, which has not been described, allegedly hit a tree. There were said to not have been any other vehicles involved. But one thing we learned from a recent Las Vegas car accident is that appearances at first blush are not always what it appears to be. You need a good lawyer on your side, looking out for your interests as any investigation gets moving. Benson & Bingham can find out if the accident was the fault of another person or entity, and get you the compensation you deserve. Benson & Bingham offer free initial consultations, so contact us today and set up an appointment to let us know your side of what happened, and get a top lawyer on your side.

Pedestrian Accidents in Reno Area on Rise

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There have been several pedestrian accidents in Reno and the surrounding area in the last few days. Like that accident in the previous link, thankfully there have not been just as many deaths from these accidents, just injuries so far. Another pedestrian accident in Northern Nevada happened the other day which, perhaps unlike this accident, appears to have been the fault of the pedestrian crossing outside a marked sidewalk. We see a number of that type of pedestrian accident in Las Vegas, as well, where people cross the street outside of a legal crossing area, like a crosswalk, and get hit. Sometimes, however, those accidents are still predominantly the fault of the driver if they were speeding in Las Vegas, driving drunk, or otherwise driving recklessly.

If you’re injured in a pedestrian accident, you need a good lawyer. Benson & Bingham have been helping people injured in pedestrian accidents in Las Vegas and Reno areas get the coverage they deserve for a combined decades of time. Our top pedestrian accident lawyers can get you the coverage and compensation you need if you’re injured due in total or in part to the carelessness or recklessness of another person. Contact us today for a free consultation to learn your legal rights and options. Benson & Bingham can help you, as we have helped so many others. Our experienced attorneys know that it’s not as simple as being in a marked crosswalk or not, or any other simple, easy journalistic rules of thumb. Each case is unique, and each situation needs to be looked at and judged on its own merits. That’s why we offer free consultations, so you can come in without worry and tell us about your situation, and have us explain your legal options and rights. If you have a case, we’ll see it and represent you to the fullest.

These two recent pedestrian accidents were in similar places. The most recent was around the Mill St and Yori Ave intersection. The other was on El Rancho Drive, just a little ways away. These were not areas named as the most dangerous in a recent in depth article on pedestrian accidents and safety, but perhaps they will be in future articles.

1 Injured in Serious Northern Nevada Ski Accident, Hit and Run

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A woman was recently injured in a skiing accident near Reno, at Mt. Rose Ski Resort, in a type of hit and run accident. The woman was very seriously hurt, her injuries so bad that doctors say that about half of the people that sustain such an injury can be killed. The woman’s pelvis broke in three different spots. One of side of the pelvis was essentially separated by a break from the rest of it. Because of the severity of the injury, doctors don’t expect her to be able to walk for at least six or eight weeks. Future x-rays and tests will determine what her prognosis fully as, as they see if the bones knit together quickly or if the pieces of the break move apart at all, which would indicate the need for more healing time, and possibly more aggressive medical procedures and interventions. If you’ve been injured in a snowboarding or skiing accident in Nevada and believe the injury was due to the negligence of another person or even the ski resort, contact Benson & Bingham Attorneys at Law today to discuss your legal options in a free consultation with our top winter accident attorneys.

The woman’s Nevada skiing injury came from being hit by another skier who then simply road off. This, according to Nevada law, is a type of hit and run accident similar to a hit and run car accident in Las Vegas. There is a legal obligation on the part of both parties to stop and stay at the scene of the accident. The skier hit the woman from behind, which also indicates negligence, in the same way that a rear end car accident in Southern Nevada is legally almost always the fault of the rear driver. This could be why the individual skied off – they were worried about negligence, and as well they should be. Benson & Bingham can help you recover compensation to pay your medical bills and give you space to heal if you’re injured in an accident like this, whether or not the other person is every found. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss the situation. There is potential for negligence and even burden of payment to fall on many other parties in a situation like this. Your own insurance may even have hit and run coverage above normal for you. Come speak with Benson & Bingham about your options today.

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