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NDOT Improving Intersections To Reduce Reno Automobile Accidents

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As the pedestrian death toll rises across Nevada, politicians citizens, pedestrians and NDOT employees are looking for ways to increase pedestrian safety across the state. Northern Nevadans are asking the state and local politicians and transit officials to improve the pedestrian infrastructure around a very busy intersection. To reduce the number of Reno automobile accidents involving pedestrians, people are requesting that the intersection of Talus Wy and North Virginia St. UNR Reno is in the immediate vicinity of this busy pedestrian intersection. The Department of Transportation has plans to improve the intersection in 2016 in their effort to reduce Washoe County car crashes that involve people who walk across the street.


NDOT, the Silver State’s transportation agency, plans to change the location of the intersection’s crosswalks. The crosswalks will now be closer to the bus stop that is also in the area. The transportation agency is also installing additional signals to alert drivers when someone is crossing North Virginia Ave.  The agency will also improve streetlights in the area, which will enable those behind the wheel to see people walking on the street whether they are wearing bright or dark clothing. Finally, the agency is installing a median in the center of the road, thus enabling pedestrians crossing the street to take a break and not have to cross all four lanes of N. Virginia.  The state agency has a budget of $10 million to improve roads and crosswalks in both Clark and Washoe Counties. These funds are from the state budget. The improvements to the intersection will be completed next fall and will start in summer 2016.
The transportation department has a number of projects that are being worked on to reduce Northern Nevada vehicle collisions. On Interstate 580. the agency will pay a Reno construction company $12.1 million to improve the highway’s infrastructure including replacing old concrete, resurfacing the highway and improve the ability for the highway’s bridges to withstand an earthquake. The agency is also funding an extension of the freeway in Carson City. In Incline Village, the state agency is improving pedestrian access. Crosswalks on State Route 28 are getting new signs to alert motorists of people crossing the street. New streetlights are being installed and ramps are being added to sidewalks. The project is also adding dedicated lanes to turn left on State Route 28 and is also adding left turn signals to the stoplights to make turns easier for those driving.

Community Leaders Looking To Reduce Reno Stead Blvd. Accidents

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In Reno, Stead Blvd is the locale of many accidents, there is also a school on Stead Blvd. in Reno. The road’s four lanes, heavy traffic, high amount of North Valley automobile accidents has parents concerned for the safety of the children walking to school. Stead Blvd. has a large number of commercial vehicles that travel on. While the school zone should slow drivers down, many drivers on busy Stead Blvd. do not slow down. The high amount of traffic could cause a Reno car crash where a student headed to the school is seriously injured or even worse. Local parents believe Stead Blvd. should have more crosswalks to make it easier for children on their way to school to cross the street.


While there have been two deadly Washoe County vehicle collisions on the road in 2015. In 2015, there have also been 29 vehicle accidents on Stead. Half of those accidents occurred at the intersection of Stead Blvd. and Silver Lake Rd., which is the intersection where the school is located. One person has died in an accident at the intersection. about 66% of the accidents happened while school is in session. Weather was not a factor in the accidents as there was no noted rain or snow on the days of the crashes. Many drivers were ticketed for driving infractions after the crashes and most of those tickets were for tailgating or not yielding to other drivers. No children were hurt in any of the accidents in the past year, however.


bicycleThe Washoe County school district works closely with regional transportation bodies to ensure the roads around Washoe schools are safe for children. The school district also receives input from parents and works with local authorities to improve roads around schools when needed. In front of elementary school there is a pedestrian crosswalk that has crossing lights that are lit when activated by touch.

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As Snowy Weather Approaches, Drive Safely to Avoid Reno Automobile Accidents

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Reno and much of the west have been in a serious drought for years, the arrival of El Nino this winter, however, is bringing much needed precipitation to the region, in the form of large snowfalls. With significant snow forecast for Sunday, November 15th and a large snowfall last weekend that resulted in as much as 18” of snow in Reno last weekend, it’s important to review the safest ways to drive in snowy weather. By following common snow safety practices, one can avoid Reno automobile accidents, and prevent the need for costly automobile repairs, hospital bills and even loss of life.


With the storm right around the corner, it is important to prepare your car for the snow. Before a storm, it’s important to fill your gas tank. By keeping your gas tank full when it is cold, you minimize condensation in the gas tank. Cell phones should be kept charged, but should be put away while driving to minimize distractions. When wiping snow off windows, one should be sure to clear everything, including the automobile’s roof. Headlights should also be cleared when removing snow, and when you drive while it is snowing, you should turn on your headlights. Your car should have an emergency kit inside including a bag of sand or kitty litter, a snow brush, an ice scraper and even tire chains. One should also have spare winter clothing in their vehicle, just in case one is caught unawares and needs to spend significant time or walk a long distance. Flares and a flashlight are also a good idea to stock in your car in case of a Washoe County car crash due to inclement weather.
When it is snowing, one of the best ways to avoid a Northern Nevada vehicle collision, you should drive slowly, taking time to be sure to arrive at your destination without rushing. While driving in the snow, allow yourself significant room to stop – since in the snow, on ice or even when it rains, it takes a longer distance for a car to stop in the snow. Slamming on the breaks in the snow can often cause a car to spin out of control. While driving in the snow brake early and slowly. We all see the signs, but it’s important to remember that bridges freeze before roads do so when approaching them use caution to not careen out of control.

Man Killed In Reno Motorcycle Accident On October 31st

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A man from Truckee was arrested for a hit-and-run Reno motorcycle accident. The accident happened on Interstate 80 in the vicinity of the Pyramid Hwy on Saturday, October 31. The crash happened when a honda motorcycle was being driven by Jonathan Navarro. Investigators determined that Mr. Navarra was speeding at the time of the Sparks motorbike crash. The accident happened when Mr. Navarro’s motorcycle crashed into a Subaru Impreza. Truckee resident Jose Arellano,19, was driving the Subaru at the time of the crash. After hitting the Subaru, Mr. Navarro was thrown from his motorcycle and the Honda motorcycle crashed. Just after being thrown from his bike, Mr. Navarro was run over by a pickup truck hauling a trailer. Mr. Arellano then fled the scene of the accident. Mr. Navarro was declared deceased at the accident scene.


The Coroner’s Office of Washoe County is working testing Mr. Navarro for alcohol and drug intoxication. Mr. Arellano was later arrested by the Truckee police in the accident. Mr. Arellano was cited for failure to stop at the scene of an accident where someone had died and failure to assist someone who was injured in a car crash.


Motorcycle accidents happen in Reno often. In early October, a motorcycle accident at S. Virginia St. and W. McCarran Ave. A Kia Sportage headed north on S. Virginia, the Sportage hit the motorcycle that was travelling on McCarran headed west. Two individuals were riding the motorcycle at the time of the crash.  Another accident happened in the area after the motorcycle crash when two motorists failed to pay attention to the road when distracted by the crash. Police and the coroner’s office have not released as to whether the driver of the Kia or the people riding the motorcycle were injured.
Bike collisions in Northern Nevada, and across the nation, are significantly more deadly than automobile accidents. The driver and passenger on a motorcycle are not protected by the body of an automobile in a crash, in fact modern automobiles have airbags, collapsible steering wheels and even crumple zones that help to protect a car’s occupants. In addition, a rider on a motorcycle does not have a seat belt to prevent him or her from being thrown by the force of the accident. In fact, someone on a motorcycle is 35 times more probable to be be involved in an accident that a passenger vehicle. 88,000 people were hurt in motorcycle accidents in 2006

Cell Phone Use By Teen Drivers Contributes To Reno Automobile Accidents

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For teens, one of the most anticipated rites of passage is getting a driver’s license. Many teens and parents alike are often shocked by the high price of insuring those teens to drive family vehicles.  By emphasizing road safety, thus limiting Reno automobile accidents caused by teens, new drivers and their parents can bring down the price of the insurance and save lives! Teenage drivers cause a significant amount of Washoe County car crashes and accidents are the leading killer of teenagers. Across the nation, in 2013, teenage drivers were involved in over 2600 deadly automobile accidents. In the Silver State, over four years, teenagers were responsible for sending over 2200 people to the emergency room.


Cell phone use while driving is suspected of being one of the leading factors in teenage vehicle collisions in Northern Nevada. Since texting and using a mobile while behind the wheel is more common with teenagers than with other drivers, the penalties for using a cell phone while behind the wheel are significant. If your teen is given a citation for texting while driving, his or her insurance premium can rise significantly – since the Silver State enables insurance company to base premiums on citations for mobile use.


By being cautious and working to not be involved in an accident, teens can bring down their insurance premiums. If a student is getting good grades in school, often automobile insurance companies will give the family a discount on the teen’s premium. A teen with good grades has shown the capacity to concentrate while in class and insurance companies believe that capacity will translate to the ability to concentrate behind the wheel. Another way to reduce the insurance premium associated with your teen is to have them take a safe driving course. The certification for this course can result in a discounted insurance premium.
Using a mobile phone while behind the wheel of your car is illegal and has been since January 1, 2012. For the first offense of using a cell phone while driving, expect to pay a fine of $50. The 2nd offense is $250 (and all subsequent citations for using a cell phone while driving). If you are in a construction zone while you are using your cell phone, your fine will be doubled. First offenses for cell phone use while driving are not marked as moving violations, however, all additional offenses are considered moving violations and those tickets will cause four points on your license.

Man Dies In Sparks Hit-And-Run Accident

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Sparks police are searching for a car and driver that were involved in a Washoe County automobile accident. The accident happened just on the border of Reno and Sparks. The Sparks car crash killed a man and has been ruled authorities are ruling the accident a hit and run. Police found the man at the intersection of Kietzke Ln and Victorian Ave. The man who died in the accident, a Sparks resident who was aged 55, was found dead on the road just after 3:00 a.m. At first, the Sparks man’s name was not released but it wasl be once the man’s family were informed of his death. Police are saying that the man’s name was Eugene Shorthorn. Mr. Shorthorn was said to be a homeless person who was living in the area of the accident. When found by police, who were responding to a report of the man being down in the road, the Spark Resident had significant injuries to his head and torso. It is being assumed that the man who died was walking in the bike lane at the time of the accident. The investigation by Sparks police will determine if drugs, alcohol or other factors will be the reasons for the man’s death. Businesses in the vicinity of the crash have been canvassed for security camera footage and while Mr. Shorthorn’s death was not caught on camera, three vehicles were in the vicinity at the time of the accident. Three cars are being sought – a semi, a passenger car with a light color paint job and a pickup truck with a light color paint job.
Hit and run accidents in Northern Nevada vehicle collisions now come with the highest penalties in the United States. The new hit and run laws, passed in the last legislative session, came into effect on the first day of October. Now, when a driver leaves the scene of an accident where someone is injured they face up to 20 years in jail. The hit and run driver who causes an injury also is not eligible to be given probation for his sentence. Drivers are being informed of the new law by a new campaign from the Nevada department of transportation. The new public service announcements will implore drivers to call 911 and helping the injured person instead of fleeing. Nevada’s previous hit and run statute essentially incentivized drivers involved in an injury accident, who were intoxicated, to flee the scene, sober up and turn themselves into police. Now there is no incentive as the hit and run penalty and the penalty for injuring or killing someone while driving while intoxcated are the same.

Man Killed In Reno Commercial Vehicle Accident

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A man died on Sunday September 20th in a Reno commercial vehicle accident when his truck rolled over and a passenger was thrown from the vehicle. The accident happened on Highway 80 near mile 41. An investigation into the crash indiciates that the Washoe County Box trailer crash occurred when the truck was going eastward on I-80. The truck was travelling in the slow lane. At some point, the truck began drifting onto the right shoulder. As the driver tried to regain control of the truck, the driver overcorrected and the truck then spun wildly in the left direction. The truck and the trailer it was towing landed on its passenger side and blocked both lanes of eastward travel. A passenger who was sleeping at the time of the accident was thrown and passed away at the accident scene. The driver of the truck was rushed to a Reno hospital for treatment of his injuries. Those injuries are not expected to threaten the life of the driver.  


plane crashIn addition to the damage to the truck, the trailer and the death of the passenger, guardrails on each side of the highway were also damaged. The guardrails were so damaged that after the accident they were blocking part of the road. The trailer being towed by the truck also spilled its load on the highway. There are no reports as to what the truck was carrying at the time of the crash. Cleaning up the aftermath of the accident included moving the truck back onto it’s wheels, cleaning up the cargo that had spilled on the highway and repairing the guardrails that were damaged in the accident.
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Man Pleads Not Guilty In Reno Automobile Accident That Killed Two Young Children

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The Police Department of Reno released information on a non-guilty plea by a Reno man who killed two young children. The man accused in the accident Sheldon Berg, 55, is accused of vehicular manslaughter (two counts). Mr. Berg issued his plea on Thursday, October 1st. Mr. Berg was not held on bail and the next time he will be seen is court is still yet to be determined. Even though Mr. Berg was released on self recognizance, the 66-year old Reno resident with a history of losing his license will not be allowed to drive until his trial for the South Reno automobile accident.


In late June this year, Mr. Berg is accused of crashing into a house on Princess Ave. at Vassar St. in Reno. When he crashed into the house on a sunny Monday afternoon, two very young kids died. Mr. Berg was behind the wheel of a Subaru heading westerly on Brentwood Ave when he didn’t stop for a stop sign and crashed into the house. In the home when the crash occurred was a young mother and her son, daughter and niece. The daughter, 4, and the son, 2, were killed in the Washoe County car crash. Mr. Berg may have suffered some type of attack of a medical nature at the time of the accident. Police investigators have uncovered another crash involving Mr. Berg from early 2013 that was the result of a medical incident. The type of medical incident or attack is unknown at this time.
A search of Mr. Berg’s records with the Nevada vehicle registration department uncovered that the license for Mr. Berg had been suspended since 2002 six times. None of the license suspensions were for misdemeanor or felony arrests or convictions or for Northern Nevada vehicle collisions. Mr. Berg voluntarily handed over his license three times, once in 2002, once in 2004 and once in 2007. In 2010 and again in 2011, Mr. Berg refused to comply with recommended restrictions on his license, which resulted in those two suspensions. In 2013, Mr. Berg declined to be examined by the motor vehicle department, which resulted in yet another suspension. Mr. Berg was granted a new license after each suspension legally by following processes outlined by Nevada state law and motor vehicle regulations. Mr. Berg’s current driving license was given to him in March 2015. Reno police have stated that when someone has an automobile accident because of a medical reason, for this person’s license to be reinstated, he must be medically evaluated.

Three Separate Reno Pedestrian Accidents Kill Two and Injure Two

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A Reno man, 20, was killed in a pedestrian traffic accident, last week, on Thursday September 17th at approximately 9:30 p.m. The Reno automobile accident happened at the intersection of Crystal Ln and Clear Acre Ln. The Reno man killed in the accident, Shane Ortero was rushed to Renown Hospital but was later declared dead at the hospital. The tragic accident happened when a passenger car that was heading northward on Clearacre ran into Mr. Ortero who was in the road. The driver of the car stayed at the scene of the accident and is helping police with their investigation. Police tested the driver for for alcohol and drug intoxication but the driver passed these tests. Police have asked anyone in the public with information on the accident to contact them


Another Northern Nevada pedestrian crash happened the same day when a man was killed in Carson City. The accident happened just before 3:00 p.m. on September 17th, a Thursday. The accident happened in the 100 block of Hot Springs Rd. The man in the accident, 71, was caught under the car that hit him, witnesses to the accident were able to extricate the man before rescue personnel made it to the scene. The man was attempting to cross the street in a crosswalk when the accident happened. The driver who hit the pedestrian, a 68-year old man, was driving of a pickup truck. The driver, 68, was ticketed for not stopping for a pedestrian in a crosswalk and was not cited for driving while intoxicated. The man hurt in the crash was taken by helicopter to Renown hospital, however, he later passed away from his injuries.
Finally, on Friday September 25th two young children were injured in a Washoe County car collision. The accident happened at Mae Anne Ave & Avenda de Landa. The two people hurt in the accident were aged 7 and 10 years old and were in a crosswalk at the time of the crash that happened just before 9:00 a.m. The two kids were rushed to Renown Hospital and their injuries were considered no life threatening although one of the children did suffer a significant concussion. The driver of the car that hit the children received a citation in the accident. The driver complained of being blinded by the sun just before the accident happened. Police tested the driver for alcohol and drug intoxication but the driver passed those tests.

Man Convicted In 2014 Reno DUI Automobile Accident

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A Reno man, Michael Todd, 52, has been convicted of drunk driving in Reno, Nevada, causing the death of a teenager in a Reno automobile accident. Mr. Todd received a sentence of 20-years in jail for the death of a high school student, 16. The accident happened on June 13th last year. The 16-year old, a boy, was riding his bicycle on Seneca Dr. before the Lemmon Valley car crash. The accident happened around 9:00 p.m. In addition to being intoxicated at the time of the crash, investigators determined that Mr. Todd was also speeding and lost control of his vehicle before veering into oncoming traffic and striking the 16-year old bicyclist.


At the scene of the Washoe County vehicle collision, police found a bottle of Jack Daniels that had been allegedly thrown away by Mr. Todd. Police also estimate that Mr. Todd’s blood alcohol level when the accident happened was 0.159. The teenager who was killed in the accident had just finished his sophomore year in high school.


Mr. Todd entered a guilty plea in the accident in July. He was sentenced in the Washoe County Courthouse by Judge Stiglich on August 21st. Mr. Todd will have parole eligibility after he has served 8 years of his prison sentence.


In the Silver State, drunk driving deaths amount to just over 30% of all traffic deaths. In 2012, 82 Nevadans died from accidents that included alcohol use. Of those 82 people, 9 were under 21 years of age. If you are convicted of a DUI death, you will could be subject to as short as two years in prison and a prison sentence as long as 20 years. That conviction will also cost you somewhere between $2,000 and $5,000 in fines. DUI penalties increase the more intoxicated you are. If your blood alcohol is as high as 0.15 your chances of being in an accident increase substantially.
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