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Man Killed In Reno Bus Accident

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A Reno Transit bus hit and killed a pedestrian in Reno, NV on Friday, June 12th. The accident happened at approximately 3 p.m. on East 9th St. near Dolomite Cir. The pedestrian had been riding the bus before getting off at his stop and crossing in front of the Washoe County owned mass transit vehicle. The man was pulled under the front wheel of the bus, then, when the bus came to a stop, the rear wheel was still on the man. The Reno pedestrian death in bus accident was rushed to Reno hospital and his condition has been listed as stable. Reno police detectives are investigating the Washoe County walker crash. A spokesman for the Regional Transportation Commission, or RTC released information that everyone in the agency was upset by the accident and that it in the past has prided itself on its safety record. The agency is also working closely with the Reno police to determine the cause of the death.


While the accident is still being investigated, the police have announced that in fact the man killed in the accident had been drinking alcohol. The man, whose name has not been released, died on Saturday, June 13th.


In 2010, the University of Michigan released a study on motorcoach accidents and driver safety. The University researchers studied data beginning with 1999 and ending with 2005 and created a snapshot on what happens on roads in America. The findings showed that approximately 63,000 buses are in accidents every year. 14,000 of those bus accidents end up injuring a person and in approximately 325, someone is killed. Each year, about 50 people on a bus die in an accident, including drivers and passengers. Buses in urban areas are nearly two times more likely to be in an accident and charter buses are the ones that are most prone to accidents. A study released in 2012 showed that buses are not safer than other automobiles like cars. Even though the total number of bus accidents every year are small, the total number of miles driven by buses each year across the United States is quite small.


NV-Attorney is Reno, NV’s branch of the widely known Las Vegas personal injury law firm, Benson and Bingham. B&B is a family owned law firm that prides itself on taking the best possible care of our customers. Our firm has successfully represented the surviving family members of those killed in Northern Nevada jaywalker deaths, Clark County automobile accidents and even Las Vegas wrongful death cases.


New Traffic Lights At Intersection With Many Reno Pedestrian Deaths

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The Silver State’s transportation department has just finished the installation of a pedestrian traffic signal on North Virginia in Reno. A traffic signal that many had said would never be installed. The agency held a ceremony yesterday, June 5th. The new pedestrian safety signal is at the intersection of Bailey Drive and North Virginia Street. A number of prominent Northern Nevada politicians were at the event including, Hillary Schieve, Mayor of Reno, Rudy Malfabon, the director of the State of Nevada’s transportation agency, Bob Lucey, County Commissioner and the Lee Gibson, the head of Northern Nevada RTC. The ceremony was also attended by the General Manager of the Bonanza Casino, Ryan Sheltra. There has been greater focus on pedestrian safety across the Silver State due to the dramatic rise in pedestrian deaths in Northern Nevada and Southern Nevada. In 2010, only 35 pedestrians were killed in the Silver State. 2014 saw that total grow to almost 70. The Silver State has instituted a Zero Fatalities program that is working to bring the total number of traffic deaths to none. The new signal is an upgrade to pedestrian caution flashers at the crosswalk. Instead of taking their chances running across the four lane road, pedestrians can now hit a button to activate a walk signal. The department of transportation is funding additional pedestrian improvements in that area including at Hoge Rd., Moraine Wy., and Talus Wy. in Reno.


The department of transportation has budgeted $10 million for pedestrian improvements across Washoe and Clark Counties – the state of Nevada’s urban centers and locales where primarily the high increase in Clark County and Washoe County crosswalk accidents have happened. The total NDOT budget for improving road safety across the state is nearly $21 million. In addition to the te signal the project, which cost $216,000 and was built by PAR Contractors, also included the installation of a concrete barrier along the roadway to increase the safety of those turning right. Additional improvements are scheduled as well including a island median, more lighting and sidewalks.


NV-Attorney is Benson and Bingham’s Northern Nevada offices. Our personal injury law firm is family owned, having been founded by cousins Benjamin Bingham and Joseph Benson. We cover all types of personal injury law including Reno walker crashes, accidents with hired cars like Uber and even wrongful death. Our customer service focused law firm secureed over $62,000,000 for our clients since 2010.


Man Killed In Northern Nevada Mining Accident

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Yet another worker in an Elko, Nevada mine has been killed in a Northern Nevada workmen’s compensation death. The company who runs the mine, Allied NV Gold Corporation, announced that the miner died at the Hycroft Mine, which is approximately 55 miles from Winnemucca, right on the border of Pershing and Humboldt counties. Allied Nevada has stated that it is cooperating with investigations by the State of Nevada and the United States government. The mine covers over 72,000 acres in Northern Nevada. The accidental death at work in Washoe County happened at approximately 10:30 a.m. Thursday, May 28th. It happened in the mine’s open pit section, where silver and gold are dug from the earth. Much of the work at the mine has been ceased although the processing of ore already mined continues.


The United States federal government operates an agency focused on mine safety and mine worker deaths in an effort to improve safety and reduce the deaths that can happen when extracting valuable ore and minerals from the earth. As a whole, mining has improved as a career. Over the past 10 years, mining injuries per 200,000 hours have fallen from approximately 3.92 injuries per 200,000 hours in 2005 to 2.43 injuries per 200,000 worker hours in 2014. Rates of death from mining accidents in 2014 were as low as 0.0142 per 200,000 deaths. Employment in mines has fallen to a low of just over 365,000 people in 2014.


plane crashFor centuries, mining has been considered one of the most dangerous jobs. In the United States, as the general public learned of the deaths and injuries attributed to mining, pressure was put on the industry and federal and state governments to improve the lives and safety of those who extract minerals from the earth. The year the most deaths from due to mining accidents in the United States was 1907. That year over 3,200 people were killed. The most dangerous type of mining is coal although mining for precious metals like gold, silver, platinum and more are especially dangerous as well.

If you have lost a relative to a Reno death while working, go to NV-Attorney.com today to contact us about your case. From our website, you can contact us directly or via telephone. NV-Attorney.com is the Northern Nevada based office of the widely known Las Vegas family owned personal injury law firm, Benson and Bingham.

Sparks Trespassing Shooting May Lead To Reno Wrongful Death Case

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The jury is currently being picked for Wayne Burgarello’s murder trial. Mr. Burgarello, 74, is being tried for the shooting death of two people who had trespassed in a vacant property owned by Mr. Burgarello. Nevada law allows individuals to use deadly force with firearms in their homes when they are subjected to a legitimate threat. The bill also cautions homeowners against shooting first and not being aggressors. Even though Mr. Burgarello believed he was in danger, police and district attorneys handled the case as one of capital murder. A conviction on a capital murder charge could lead to a Reno wrongful death suit.


The home invasion linked shootings happened just before valentine’s day last year on February 14th, 2014. Neighbors alerted Mr. Burgarello that people were in his vacant duplex. Then, Mr Burgarello went to the duplex with two loaded handguns to investigate. Upon entering, Mr. Burgarello saw another man in the unit, Cody Devine, 34. Mr. Burgarello shot Mr. Devine when he thought he saw a gun or other weapon in Mr. Devine’s hand. A police investigation revealed that Mr. Devine was not carrying any weapon of any kind and that he had been shot many times. Another person in the vacant duplex at the time, Janai Wilson, 29, was also shot repeatedly by Mr. Burgarello. Ms. Wilson, however, survived the attack and is expected to testify against Mr. Burgarello in his trial.


A number of bills in the Nevada assembly were introduced that were intended to strengthen the laws associated with the castle doctrine in Nevada. The castle doctrine is a legal concept purported by guns rights activists. The doctrine, in its purest form, enables homeowners to use nearly any means necessary to deal with trespassers. It enables those involved in such incidents to use justifiable homicide defenses in their court cases. The doctrine also provides some immunity against Nevada wrongful death lawsuits. The bills that were introduced to increase castle doctrine protections in 2015 and SB 175, SB 171 and AB 139. AB 139 was considered to be an omnibus gun rights bill which also worked to include other gun rights for silver staters.
NV-attorney is branch in Northern Nevada for the family-owned personal injury law firm, Benson and Bingham. Founded by cousins Benjamin Bingham and Joseph Benson, our firm has significant experience with wrongful death in Clark County, Las Vegas pedestrian accidents and even casino accidents that occur outside of the state of Nevada when those companies have their corporate headquarters in the Silver State.

State of Nevada Funds Road Improvements to Reduce Reno Automobile Accidents

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New road construction in Reno, Nevada, sponsored, in part, by the Nevada Department of Transportation is being completed in the hope of reducing Reno automobile accidents. One of the first projects is a pedestrian crossing signal at an intersection on North Virginia that has seen more than its share of Reno pedestrian accidents. The installation of the signal will cost just over $216,000 and will enable those wishing to cross North Virginia by the Boomtown Casino to stop passing automobiles and enable pedestrians to cross safely. In addition a 100+’ concrete barrier is being added to the street to assist drivers heading south to make safer right turns. To accommodate the new barrier, a bus stop is also in the process of being moved. The completion of the project will require some traffic delays including reducing the lanes on the road from two to one in each direction during the day. however, construction is not forecast to take long, as it is scheduled to be completed by the first week of June.


Another road construction project to reduce vehicular accidents in Northern Nevada is a road improvement and paving project on the Mount Rose Highway. One of the major objectives of the construction is to increase drainage along the highway. While this has been a series of significantly dry years in Northern Nevada, the better drainage will reduce puddles on the highly traveled roadway, thus reducing hydroplaning and other vehicle mishaps that happen in wet weather. Near residential areas, the project will also add rumble strips that will increase pedestrian safety. In addition, more guardrails are being installed. The entire project is set to cost approximately $10 million and will be completed sometime in Fall 2015.


Multiple Vehicle AccidentAnother project in the works is a $12.1 million effort to fix concrete that is degrading. The stretch of highway, formerly named 395 and now titled I-580 will fix a stretch of highway between Moana Ln. and Glendale Ave. As part of the project some southbound and northbound lanes on the highway are also being resurfaced. An additional part of the project will add earthquake protection to the highway’s bridges. The final aspect of the project is to make intersections near the highway more wheelchair accessible.
NV-Attorney is the Northern Nevada arm of the Southern Nevada based personal injury law firm Benson and Bingham. While we primarily practice in the Las Vegas area, we are also able to represent you in a Northern Nevada car accident, Washoe County wrongful death or even a casino slip and fall accident in Reno.

New Traffic Light Scheduled For Installation To Curb Reno Pedestrian Accidents

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A new traffic light is being installed on North Virginia in Reno to curb the rash of Northern Nevada pedestrian accidents that plagued that strip of road in 2014. Representatives from the State of Nevada Transportation Department released a statement saying construction is set to begin on the new pedestrian safety traffic light in the northern part of Reno, commonly known as The Biggest Little City. Construction begins on the new traffic signal on the 11th of May, a Monday. Currently at the intersection, there is a flashing signal warning motorists of pedestrians. The new traffic light instead will enable those who wish to cross the street to press a button that will enable a traffic light that will stop cars and trucks for people to cross the street safely. Additional improvements are planned including the installation of a new concrete barrier along the roadside to make turns safer. An additional improvement includes a bus station being moved to the north to allow for the installation of the barrier. The new road construction will costs Nevada taxpayers over $215,000 but will reduce deaths of people crossing Northern Virginia.


The State of Nevada has budgeted nearly $10 million for road construction in the name of pedestrian safety. The budgeted money is for those improvements in Washoe or Clark county – two counties that have seen their continued urbanization result in pedestrian deaths in Northern Nevada or Southern Nevada. For an example, already 20 people have already died in 2015 in Clark County and Washoe County pedestrian pedestrian accidents. The twenty deaths are the same as last years toll by this part of the year. Yearly totals since 2009 have jumped from approximately 35 pedestrian deaths a year to 68 pedestrian deaths a year.

The last Reno pedestrian accident that happened in front of the casino was just before Christmas last year. At the time, a 54-year old man was killed trying to cross the street. The Reno resident’s name was Vincent Yowell. the accident which happened at approximately 4:30 in the morning on December 22, happened when Mr. Yowell was hit by two cars heading up the four lane road. At first, neither of the cars that had hit and killed Mr. Yowell stopped at the accident, but days later, after seeing stories about the death in local news outlets, a 53-year old Reno man approached police and informed them he was driving in the area at the time of the accident and thought he had struck a large animal.

One Man Injured and One Boy Killed In Separate Northern Nevada Train Accidents

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Two males involved in separate area train accidents in April. The first, from early April involved a man, 53, who was hit by a tran and stuck underneath. The last update from police shows that he was critically injured but that was considered stable by attending physicians. After being freed from the train, the man was rushed to a local hospital and spent several hours in surgery. The accident happened at Record St., and Sixth St. near Reno’s downtown.


Ren police stated that the conductor of the train had ample time to warn the man to get off of the train tracks and get to safety, but the man either didn’t hear the screaming conductor and roaring train or simply ignored them in the rail injury in Reno.


While the conductor saw the man on the tracks he attempted to stop the train, but the heavy 800 ton train takes a significant distance to stop at nearly any speed. In fact, because of the numerous amount of people struck, clipped and grazed by trains in the Reno downtown area, trains only travel through downtown at very slow speeds – 10 miles per hour to reduce train accidents in Northern Nevada.


The area sees a lower number of train accidents in Washoe County due to the train trench that was dug in downtown Reno in the early 2000s. The first train to run through the Reno train trench went through on April 18, 2005.


In nearby Nevada County, California, on Sunday, April 20, a young boy was killed in a train accident. The train accident happened in Farad, CA. The boy, 13-year old Anthony Schafer, was hit by the train while looking at the Truckee River. Emergency personnel rushed the young boy to a nearby trauma center via helicopter but he succumbed to his wounds. Two neighboring police agencies responded to the train accident, which happened at approximately 6 p.m.


NV-attorney.com is the website that supports the Northern Nevada branch of Las Vegas personal injury law firm, Benson and Bingham. Benson and Bingham is a family owned law firm founded approximately 10-years ago by cousins Benjamin Bingham and Joseph Benson. Our firm, which focuses not only on Las Vegas automobile accidents, Clark County wrongful deaths and even casino accidents outside of Nevada when the company has their corporate headquarters in Nevada. Since 2010, our attorneys have successfully secured over $62,000,000 in awards for our clients.


Woman Injured In Reno Hit and Run Accident

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A Reno automobile accident has resulted in the injury of a woman in South Reno. The accident, which happened around 4:30 p.m. this afternoon, occurred when a Montana registered Grand Prix by Pontiac. The car, assumed to be manufactured in the late 1990s or early 2000s was eventually found by Reno police at 6p.m. Police eventually found the driver of the Pontiac at approximately 7:30 p.m. near Longley Lane. The Reno woman hurt in the hit and run accident in Washoe County was rushed to a local hospital and eventually released with minor injuries. Police have ticketed the hit and run driver with leaving the scene of an accident. News reports have not indicated if the accident was due to alcohol or other mind-altering drug.


The good news from the Nevada automobile hit and run accident was that the woman riding the bicycle was not hurt. Bicycle/automobile accidents are commonplace in the United States – in fact, for example, 726 people were killed in bicycle accidents in 2012. That’s almost two people every day that are killed in a bicycle accident. The 726 people killed showed a moderate increased in the number of bicycle deaths in 2011; there were 682 bicyclists killed that year. However, only 2% of the people killed in automobile accidents in 2012 were riding bicycles. While the number of bicyclist deaths are relatively low compared to other 2012 traffic fatalities, the number of people injured on bicycles in 2012 was 49,000. This was 1000 people more that were hurt in bicycle accidents in 2011 but 3000 less than those injured in 2010 (52,000).


While bicycle fatalities only account for 2% of the deaths due to accidents in the United States, only 1% of trips taken in the United States are on bicycles. There are many factors that lead to a bicycle accident including weather, the rider’s skill, motorists, road conditions, total time and distance bicycling, clothing worn by the rider, tinted windows, observance of traffic laws and even the use of alcohol and drugs by both the drivers of cars and bicycles.


NV-attorney is the Reno, NV division of well known Las Vegas personal injury law firm, Benson and Bingham. We at B&B focus most on the customer service we provide to those we represent. In fact, much of our customer base comes from referrals from those we have represented in the past.


Man Injured In Downtown Reno Aircraft Accident

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Some injuries are commonplace – car accidents, pedestrian accidents, slips and falls in a casino, work accidents. Others are rare – freak accidents where someone accidentally suffers a severe cut in the kitchen, a bridge collapsing or even a bridge collapsing. A Reno aviation accident last weekend was thankfully significantly less tragic than one would expect. Last Sunday, a glider pilot abandoned his aircraft as it began to rip apart mid-air. As the glider plunged to the ground, the pilot was able to eject and parachute onto downtown Reno city streets. The pilot, upon landing at 5th Street an Arlington Avenue, was injured, but only minor. The glider landed in two pieces in Reno, with a wing coming to a stop at a park named Dick Taylor. The fuselage of the plane landed on the roof of a parking garage on the top of a nearby hospital. The same hospital the glider pilot was rushed to in order to treat his injuries. The Northern Nevada air accident is currently being investigated by the United States transportation agency, and the name of the pilot and the full extent of his injuries has not been released.


Fortunately, what could have been a tragic accident did not turn out so. The aircraft incident in Washoe County did not result in a Ren automobile accident, since it happened on a Sunday afternoon at what can often be a busy intersection. No pedestrians or onlookers were hurt by the man parachuting in the middle of a busy street. With plane parts falling from the sky no one was hurt by falling debris. Even though the plane’s fuselage landed in a parking lot, no one was hurt there and even none of the parked cars suffered any damage.


Like many recent stories, this Reno air accident received national media attention in magazines such as Popular Mechanics, Jalopnik, The Sacramento Bee, and Flying Magazine.


NV-Attorney.com is the Northern Nevada branch of the widely knows Las Vegas personal injury law firm, Benson and Bingham. Our Nevada licensed personal injury attorneys have significant experience with nearly all types of personal injury law including Las Vegas automobile accidents, Southern Nevada wrongful death and even accidents that happen in casinos outside of Nevada that have corporate headquarters in the Silver State. Each and everyone of our clients is also covered by our exclusive happiness guarentee. If you are unhappy with our invoice at the end of your case, we will work with you to arrive at a fee structure that meets your approval.


Woman Sentenced In 2014 Reno Pedestrian Accident

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A 2014 Reno hit and run accident has finally come to somewhat of a conclusion when Nevada resident, Myree Townsend, 40. Ms. Townsend pleaded to a felony count of leaving the scene of an injury accident and has been ordered to pay a portion of nearly $1 million every week. The additional parts of Ms. Townsend’s sentence include community service of over 500 hours and five years of probation. Ms. Townsend turned herself in to Reno police for the Northern Nevada pedestrian accident about a week after the crash occurred.

The May 2014 pedestrian accident in Washoe County was life changing for the teenager that was hit. The accident, which happened in a crosswalk in the Southern end of Reno. 24-year old Gabriel Kennedy was crossing near a crosswalk when he was hit by a light colored small SUV. The driver of the SUV, Myree Townsend, did not wait for police or assist to help the young man and later turned herself into police. Mr. Kennedy was seriously harmed in the accident – having lost a leg to amputation, and the young man was in a coma for a considerable amount of time. He also has a large scar on one of his arms. There is a hole in Mr. Kennedy’s neck that was used to help him breathe while he was in his coma.


Mr. Kennedy has been working through significant rehabilitation due to the accident. The Reno man additionally suffered a collapsed lung and brain injury and now has trouble speaking. Much of the healing Mr. Kennedy had to do was allow his brain to stop swelling from the serious trauma of the accident.


NV-Attorney is the Northern Nevada online branch of leading Las Vegas personal injury law firm, Benson and Bingham. Our Southern Nevada personal injury law firm also has significant experience in all corners of the Silver State. Our firm is adept at all types of Nevada personal injury law including pedestrian accidents in Las Vegas, Nevada automobile accidents and even Clark County casino accidents. Our firm represents native Nevadans, those who recently moved here, tourists from across the country and even international visitors to Nevada. Our firm prides itself on customer service – and this customer service focus has brought us even more clients through recommendations to friends by those we’ve previously represented. Finally, everyone we represent is covered by our happiness guarantee. This guarantee provides our customers with the knowledge that if at the end of their case, if they are unhappy with their final bill, we will work with them to develop an invoice that meets with their approval.


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