Five Killed in South Lake Tahoe Plane Crash

Five people were killed in a South Lake Tahoe plane accident Saturday evening. The crash and resulting 1 acre fire will necessitate that the people killed in this South Lake Tahoe wrongful death accident be identified through dental records. The plane that crashed was a Piper PA32-. In 2005, the same plane was involved in a crash on the Emerald Coast of Florida. The plane was registered to Francisco De La Mora from Fresno, CA. Jose Lopez, a spokesman for Jdm Transport, a transportation corporation owned by Mr. De La Mora, said the Fresno area business man had taken his wife, his daughter and a couple friends to Lake Tahoe on a day trip. We agree with the sentiments of the Claire Fortier, Mayor of South Lake Tahoe, as we at offer our sympathies for the families involved in this Northern California airplane tragedy.

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The South Lake Tahoe airplane crash comes almost a year after the fatal crash at the Reno Air Races in 2011. The Reno wrongful death airplane crash from last September resulted in the death of 11 people and injured 69 people. The Reno Air Races crash occurred when a P-51D Mustang, piloted by Jimmy Leeward crashed to the ground in a crowd of spectators.


Pregnant Woman Suffers Injury in Sparks Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycles, while convenient, efficient and fun, especially during the beautiful Washoe County summer, can also be extremely dangerous. To mitigate these dangers, motorcycle riders are mandated by the Silver State to wear helmets. However, other riders have taken these safety precautions to even higher levels; you can routinely see people on motorcycles wearing significant armor, armor that’s integrated into their jackets, pants and even footwear. However, motorcycle safety wear can only protect riders so much, if you are hit at a significant speed by an automobile while you are on a motorcycle (or a pedal bike) the injuries can be severe and, often, deadly. If you or a family member has been injured in a Washoe County car accident, can represent you in your Reno personal injury case.

In early August, a mother and daughter, riding a motorcycle on a quiet weekday evening were seriously injured in a motorcycle crash in Sparks, NV. Driving along 4th St. near Lincoln Way, a mother and her pregnant daughter were thrown from their motorcycle after a crash with a Toyota Sedan. The 54-year old mother, who was driving the motorcycle, suffered significant injuries including a broken arm, cuts and bruises and a separated shoulder. The 28-year old pregnant woman was less fortunate. The woman, 8-months pregnant, received a head injury that doctors believe to be life threatening. After tests, the baby carried by the injured mother to be seems to be healthy and uninjured. A passenger in the Toyota was taken to a local hospital with injuries to her wrist and head. She is 44-years old and in good condition.

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Northern Nevada Injury Accident With Commercial Vehicle Near Dayton

Earlier today four people died and three were injured in a 3 car accident where one of the vehicles was a commercial livestock trailer. The accident happened around 9 a.m. this Tuesday near Dayton, NV on Highway 50. The livestock trailer was hauling 15 cattle at the time. Only one of the cows died in the accident although another bovine has significant injuries. A number of press reports of the accident state there may have been an explosion as well, but these have not been confirmed. If you were involved in a Washoe County accident with a commercial vehicle, the lawyers at NV-attorney can help you in your Nevada personal injury case.

One of the victims of the Northern Nevada big rig crash was rushed via helicopter to a local hospital. Due to the accident, Interstate 50 in Dayton was closed for much of the day. Drivers were sent on a 25-mile detour through Carson City, however, the highway was opened to traffic around 4p.m.

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Las Vegas Children Unfortunately also a Product of Personal Injury and Accident Law

Recently, due to the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (CPSIA), the United States can proudly claim to be one of the international leaders in children’s product safety. Unfortunately, despite the number of precautions we take, and regardless of the care we give our children, injuries can still happen. As parents ourselves, we know the dangers our kids face today, and we understand the pain associated with the victimization of children. At times, our children do not get injured in our presence— injuries sustained by kids can occur at school, with a caretaker, on a school bus, or when they are on their own.

From riding bikes to playing with defective toys, our children face risks all around them. Injuries sustained by children can range from brain injury to broken limbs. Some of the most common injures are associated with:

  • Bike accidents
  • Defective toys
  • Falls
  • Burns
  • Car accidents
  • Defective safety products
  • Household chemical ingestion
  • Pool injuries
  • School bus injuries

In the case of less-severe injuries, children cannot always describe what is wrong or where it hurts. As parents, we rely on doctors to discover and diagnose serious conditions. Yet, when doctors do not recognize signs or dismiss a parent’s concerns without following up, a treatable condition can lead to a severe illness or lifelong disability. If you believe that your child’s physicians were careless in diagnosis, treatment, or surgery, or if the injuries sustained by your child were the cause of a defective product, the attorneys at Benson and Bingham have the experience and resources to explore your case.

As the most innocent and defenseless members of society, our children must be protected. We cannot let the negligence of others go without consequence. At Benson and Bingham we offer free consultations for any pediatric or child injury victims. We understand the pain and emotional toll that such injuries have on a family. We will fight for justice and get the compensation you need to cover the extensive medical costs associated with your child’s injuries. Please contact us today.