Northern Nevada Man Dies In Pedestrian Train Accident In Reno

On Monday, two men decided to take a break from Christmas Eve celebrations to take their dogs for a walk near the Boomtown Casino just west of Reno. As the two men and their dogs were walking an Amtrak train approached, scaring one of the dogs. The frightened dog ran onto the train tracks and in an attempt to save it, his owner ran onto the tracks and apparently got stuck or fell through the train trestle. The Reno man was then killed by the train, approaching at 40 M.P.H. was not able to stop. The man remained under the train for a significant period of time. If you have lost a relative in a Reno wrongful death accident, please go to and contact us about your case.

Passengers on the train were delayed arriving in Reno for up to two hours and only learned of the reason for the delay after reading and hearing news reports. At some point during the delay a small fire started under one of the passenger cars. In November, Washoe County pedestrian wrongful deaths had risen to 7, which was equal to the number of pedestrian accidents in 2011. Since Reno and Washoe County are significantly smaller than Clark County, the total pedestrian deaths in the Northern  portion of the state were significantly smaller than 2012’s Las Vegas pedestrian accident totals.

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Sparks, NV Street Racing Accident Prompts Evacuation of Four Families

A Sparks, Nevada street racing accident caused the evacuation of four families when a Washoe County automobile crash destroyed a home’s gas meter, causing a significant leak that was not contained for nearly four hours. Two were arrested due to the accident, both for reckless driving and driving under the influence. While no explosion occurred, the four families were rushed from their homes around 3 am on Sunday morning. An NV Energy emergency response team turned off the gas to twenty homes in the neighborhood. The driver who slammed into the Sparks home rushed from his automobile on foot after the crash, eventually hiding out in the car of the his friend who was street racing with him. If you have been involved in a Reno automobile accident, log onto today for a free legal consultation.

The two individuals, Matthew Sixberry and Brandon Allen were arrested by Sparks police close to the accident. Mr. Allen was taken to a local hospital as a precaution and treated for bruises and scratches. After being released from the hospital, Mr. Allen was taken into custody. NV-Attorney, the Northern Nevada branch of Benson Bingham, one of Las Vegas highest rated personal injury firms,

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With One Feet of Snow Forecast To Fall In Reno, Drive Slowly To Avoid Injury Accidents

With a significant snow storm forecast to fall on Reno this weekend, many drivers will be on the roads during terrible weather conditions. When the first significant snow  storm of the year comes, even drivers experienced with operating their vehicle during inclement weather have difficulties with slipping and sliding. As the forecast foot or more of snow falls on Reno and the surrounding areas, Washoe County roads will become slicker, with more people being prone to Reno traffic accidents. Drivers across the Sierras are cautioned to drive slower and leave more time to get to their destination during this holiday weekend’s snow storm.

There are other precautions drivers can take to limit their chances of being in a Reno injury car accident due to snow. First, if there is significant snow on the ground, only leave the house if you absolutely need to. Secondly, if you must get in your car, be sure to clean off all windows, mirrors and the roof. This will enable you to see as you drive. Should you start hydroplaning, steer into the direction you are going and fight the urge of steering against your skid. Always drive slowly in the snow, as icy roads have less traction and even black ice. If you must drive on snowy roads, try adding snow tires or even chains to your vehicle. These upgrades will give you increased traction and less chance of a Washoe Valley car accident.

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