Exploding Ammo in Reno Car Accident

We hope you weren’t unlucky enough to be travelling either direction on Interstate 580/US395 this last week, specifically on the 22nd, whether you were in the terrible vehicle accident in Reno that happened that day or not. If you were in the accident, at least you got away without major injuries, at least according to recent reports of this Northern Nevada car accident. The collision that involved four vehicles directly, three of which had to be taken away by a tow truck, happened at the spaghetti bowl, as so many do. One vehicle, said to have been a Jeep Grand Cherokee, attempted to make a last minute exit onto Interstate 80, which involved zagging quickly across multiple lanes of traffic to attempt to make the exit. Instead of making this exit this driver made a mess by first hitting a road barrier, then spinning out of control and hitting a Subaru Outback. The collision brought both vehicles to a sputtering stop near the right shoulder and out of the way, however, that didn’t stop more mayhem from ensuing in this car accident in Washoe County. If you’re injured in an accident like this, contact Benson & Bingham Attorneys at Law today.

At this point, the Outback station wagon caught fire. Furthermore, in the same area, a quick dangerous lane change by the driver of a Lexus SUV and allegedly sideswiped another vehicle. It is unclear if this accident was related to the first, or merely the fault of reckless driving in Nevada. One more thing happened that we have not seen before in car accidents in Las Vegas: the fire in the Subaru is said to have set off a bunch of rounds of pistol ammunition that were stored in the trunk, causing NHP and emergency responders to have to take greater care, and shut down more lanes of traffic.

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More Medical Malpractice Coming to Reno?

The new healthcare law that is really just coming into effect – the Affordable Care Act, ObamaCare, whatever you want to call it – will likely have profound effects on our healthcare system, or hospitals, our nursing homes, hospice care centers, and community health clinics. As more and more people get medical coverage, more and more people will be visiting all of the above listed health care facilities. One of the negatives that is rarely discussed is that this could lead to even more medical malpractice in Northern Nevada. This is simply because of the law of large numbers – hospital negligence in the Reno area happens, unfortunately, and the more people visit hospitals and care centers the more opportunity there is for bad actors to do their worst, or good people to make simple mistakes that lead to average citizens getting the short end of the statistical stick. If you or a loved one is the victim of medical negligence in Washoe County and need a Lawyer, Benson & Bingham Attorneys at Law can help.

The other aspect of this is that a lot of the people who are newly getting health insurance and working class, working poor, or newly eligible Medicaid recipients. This recent news could mean more cases of nursing home abuse and negligence in Reno as well, given that bad actors often look to pray on people of less means because they are believed to have less time to investigate their rights or fight for their care. This is just another example of a way that federal programs and issues have an effect on us locally, like stories about how the government shutdown may have been a factor in the cases of Salmonella food poisoning from Foster Farms chicken in Las Vegas.

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More on the ACA/Obamacare, for a good explanation of the law and how it may work:

Injured In a Fall in Northern Nevada

In a recent article for the Reno Gazette-Journal on her personal injury in Northern Nevada, columnist Rhonda Abrams recounts her injury, and talks about it as relates to small business, and how you, as a small business owner can protect yourself. Like many people, Ms. Abrams would have preferred if her personal injury in Reno was the result of some cool story of daring deeds: alligator wrestling, heli-skiing (if you don’t know, this is when you take a helicopter ride up to the top of a mountain with the purpose of riding down on the untouched powder. Some people even go so far as to jump out of the helicopter, with their skis on, to start the run), or some other adrenaline pumping activity speeding in a Nevada racecar track. Instead, like so many people, Ms. Abrams was the victim of a slip and fall injury in a Washoe County parking lot, in which she ended up breaking her wrist. She writes about the damage that an injury can do to a small business, in which many people take on a number of responsibilities, and having one person missing in action can grind the otherwise smooth flow of the operations to a screeching halt, costing everyone money. She offers a number of useful tips for small business owners that can protect them from such an eventuality, like cross-training employees so one could step in for another,  build a manual in case you need to train a new person quickly, use cloud computing and look for other new technologies that could help an injured worker do their job from home, or with their injury, keep a master list of passwords, have a backup person, and have a Plan B.

The one thing Ms. Abrams does not mention, which is incredibly important, is to get a good lawyer like Benson & Bingham Attorneys at Law if you’re injured in Northern Nevada. Her slip and fall could have been due to negligence of the party who owned the property she was in. If that were the case, she would be entitled to damages covering everything, including her lost time at work, as well as her medical bills and pain and suffering. Benson & Bingham’s attorneys know the law, and how to get you that compensation you deserve, whether you’re injured in Las Vegas or Northern Nevada. Not sure if you have a case? Contact us today for a free consultation – we’ll be happy to walk you through your legal options.

Some types of falls: