Vehicle Accident in Reno, Nevada

When you see the pictures and video from a news report on this Reno car crash, it’s hard to believe that, as the news story mentions, no injuries were sustained. One car is fully on its side and looking quite crushed in the middle of the freeway. The accident was reportedly on Interstate 395 in the area of the Oddie Boulevard exit. The accident occurred this evening just a little while before 7:30 in the evening. Multiple lanes were closed due to the accident and the emergency response. The Nevada Highway Patrol is the law enforcement agency reporting that no injuries were sustained in the accident. The freeway has since reopened. The closure of lanes and diversion of vehicles onto the shoulder made the commute very difficult this evening, as any accident usually does especially on that stretch of road.

What happens if you’re in an accident and the police determine that there were “no injuries,” but a few days later or a day later or a week later you start to feel pain? The most common locations for that pain to occur are the head, neck and back areas. This is common of a whiplash injury in Nevada. These often devastating injuries can take time to manifest, after the shock and adrenaline and all that wears off following an accident. And just because they are later to manifest doesn’t make them any less painful or costly than an immediate fracture or other more easily noticeable injury.

“The neck is a very fragile and unique area of the body as it contains the cervical vertebrae. The cervical region of the neck is the most common injury area in automobile accidents. The syndrome Las Vegas personal injury attorneys deal with frequently is known as whiplash where the neck is thrown in multiple directions shifting the normal curve of the spine and stretching ligaments and tendons. The human head weighs approximately 15 lbs and is supported by the spinal column. As we age, the bones become more brittle and actually calcify creating degeneration. This degeneration can become a catalyst for disc compression leading to nerve impingement, bulging discs, herniations, and annular tears. Just the same, these conditions can also be caused by trauma like a severe or moderate car accident . . . The most common injury in rear end car accidents are cervical sprain and strains. These injuries begin with a sharp pain in the neck, and continue with shoulder, trapezius, and upper back pain. Headaches can also be a classic symptom of cervical sprain. Most cervical strain and sprains will get better with time and are very responsive to therapy. Ice packs are a great idea to reduce the inflammation as well as plenty of rest. If you have been a victim of whiplash or a cervical neck injury, contact the Las Vegas personal injury offices of Benson & Bingham and ask for Joseph L. Benson II, Esq.: 702-382-9797 x. 226.”

Seat Belts Prevent Serious Injury in Nevada T-Bone Car Crash

Seat belts save lives in vehicle accidents in Nevada, and everywhere else. We all know this is true in the abstract, but recent news is really bringing it home for us. In a Reno car crash yesterday, a sergeant with the Reno Police Department is crediting proper child car seat installation and usage with keeping two children safe in a Northern Nevada vehicle accident that otherwise might have seriously injured or killed the two little ones. The accident left the vehicle the children were riding in completely totaled, yet the two youngsters were said to be uninjured. One child is only two weeks old, and the other just one year old – ages where children are incredibly easy to injure or worse in an accident serious enough to do significant damage to a vehicle. From a recent news story on the Nevada t-bone car crash:

“Police say a purple sedan failed to yield to oncoming traffic and got t-boned by a pickup truck. To make matters worse, the car had a two week old and a one year old in the back seat. Both of them were uninjured.

‘Ultimately, the majority of (their safety) I would attribute to the car seats themselves,’ said [Reno Police Sgt. Craig] Titterington.”

Benson & Bingham’s experienced Nevada t-bone vehicle crash attorneys help people who are injured in accidents like this. We understand the legal and medical issues that can arise from this kind of accident, and know how to help. See important information below, and then contact Benson & Bingham for a free consultation if you’ve been a victim of a t-bone car accident in Nevada.

“Injuries from car accidents caused by an angle approach are very telling by the location of such pain. Left sided impacts naturally may have left sided trauma and vice-versa. Often the force of the impact causes the body to move in the opposite direction of the hit. Thus, a right side impact will cause the body to, at first, go right with body extremities going the opposite direction given the forward momentum they had prior to and during the impact. The twisting and turning of the body joints cause major core injuries around the muscular skeletal system. T-bone accidents typically involve two vehicles or more that are traveling a moderate to fast speeds, and the injuries can be deadly. No reaction by either driver is completed given the emergent crash. Thus, we refer to these accidents as the “unexpected” crash scenarios.”

Nevada Motorcycle Accident in Reno

Motorcycle accidents are common in Nevada, and grow more common as the summer bike season gets underway. Here is an example of a recent Nevada motorcycle accident, this one in Reno, Nevada. According to the report, a vehicle turned in front of the motorcycle which led to the accident. The vehicle turned east down Gallaway Lane, according to the report, across the path of the biker who was heading in the northbound direction on Wrondel Way. This is over by Yori Park, on the east side of South Virginia Street near the Peppermill Resort Hotel. Fortunately the biker was said to be awake and talking when first responders arrived. He was still taken to the hospital for medical evaluation following the accident, however. This accident happened just a few days ago, on June 10th. That was Friday, and in the evening, just before 7 o’clock according to the report. The intersection was closed for some time following the accident.

Benson & Bingham are experienced motorcycle accident lawyers in Nevada. This is a particularly big area of the country for motorcycle riders and rallies, from Street Vibrations in Reno and Sparks to pleasure trips through the Las Vegas Strip, over the Grand Canyon, and more, many bikers on the road means many motorcycle accidents.

“Many of the motorcycle cases seen by Benson & Bingham arise from vehicles pulling in front of the motorcycle, vehicles tailgating or crowding a motorcycle, or vehicles not being able to see the cyclist. The consequences of an accident can be fatal and often cause severe road rash. The pain endured by a motorcyclist at the emergency room while doctors take a wire brush to scrape and remove rocks, pebbles and debris is unfathomable. Unfortunately, heavy scaring or plastic surgery and extensive physical therapy often follow.

As riders of both street and dirt bikes, Attorneys Ben Bingham and Joseph Benson respect and understand the obstacles often presented to motorcycle operators. Most riders take extreme precaution, as the risk associated with motorcycles is well understood. Since motorcycles allow good maneuverability, often times the fault is due to another motorist’s lack of attention or outright negligence, including DUI and DWI motorists.

If you or a loved one has been injured while operating a motorcycle, contact Benson & Bingham. We can provide the legal expertise and assistance needed to ensure your medical bills are paid and you receive deserved compensation for your pain and suffering from the cycling injury.”

Reno Truck Accident Pegs Peg’s Glorified Eggs and Ham

Peg’s Glorified Ham and Eggs got a brutal interruption to their lunch as some unfortunate man crashed his truck into the restaurant. The individual who was driving the vehicle was a 50 year old local to the Reno area. It is thought that a medical condition or episode might have precipitated the loss of vehicle control that resulted in this crash. The driver was very seriously injured in this Reno truck crash, with a condition said to be life threatening. At last word he was still being treated at Renown Regional Medical Group. Fortunately, he was the only one injured. The rest of the damage was confined to property damage at the restaurant. That damage, while serious enough to warrant maybe a few days of restaurant closure, luckily did not cause any more bodily damage or death. A recent news report of this Nevada truck crash injury interviewed a family with a bundle of children had been looking at maybe getting seated outside just before the accident, but some or all of the kiddos wanted to escape the heat inside instead. Lucky for them it was a hot day, as the truck reportedly hit the post in front of the restaurant and the restaurant itself pretty darn hard. Some windows of the establishment, we understand them to be the big glass ones out front, were hit as well, meaning anyone out there would have also had the potential for being hit with flying and broken glass, as well.

In some cases that we at Benson & Bingham Attorneys at Law have seen, prescription drug interactions can cause vehicle accidents in Nevada when the co-created side effect  induces dizziness, slowed reflexes, or even hallucinations or full unconsciousness. This can be the fault of medical malpractice in Nevada in some circumstances. This gentleman, who was said to be about 50 years old, could have a case for compensation for his injuries from the insurance company for the doctor, the pharmaceutical company, or others, depending on what induced his inability to control the vehicle. Benson & Bingham’s top Nevada truck accident injury attorneys know what to look for as we talk with you in a free consultation to see if you have a legal claim to pursue. We’ll let you know where we think you stand, and help you in any way we can.