More Info on DUI Wreck in Northern Nevada

More information has been released about a vehicle accident in Northern Nevada which left one person dead and multiple people injured. The crash occurred on New Year’s Day near Incline Village. This Washoe County automobile crash took place around 6:30 in the evening when one vehicle, reportedly driven by a Manuel Mejia-Verduzco, crossed the midline on the Mt. Rose Highway and struck another vehicle. He was driving a late ‘90s model Isuzu Rodeo, and the vehicle he struck was an early 2000s model Jeep Liberty. The passenger in the Rodeo (the vehicle driven by Mejia-Verduzco which crossed the median line) died in Reno at the Renown Regional Medical Center after being flown there following the accident. The deceased was identified as Hugo Soto-Barrios, a 40 year old man.

The three people in the Jeep that was struck were all injured in this car wreck near Reno. The driver, identified as Irma Gouadarram, escaped with the lightest injuries, and was let out of the hospital after staying just that night. The two other individuals in that vehicle were listed in serious condition and remained in the hospital under care.

The driver of the vehicle reported to have caused the accident was said to have fled the scene. He was found at his apartment sometime later, in part due to the help of information from eyewitnesses to the accident. He was cowering in the bathroom of his Incline Village domicile with a broken arm and broken leg, both on the left side of his body. He was taken into custody following treatment for his injuries, and booked on multiple charges. Driving under the influence in Nevada may have been a factor in the accident.

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