Skier Dead in Nevada Accident

A man died in a skiing accident at Mt. Rose this weekend. His body was discovered Sunday after being caught in an avalanche on Saturday. The man was reportedly skiing out of bounds in a closed area and others on the mountain saw him caught in the avalanche. At least, the body of man was found today, we’re hoping there aren’t multiple victims of the avalanche and that this man is a different one than who went missing. As sad as one person’s death is, and additional death would be that much worse.

The man who was found dead after this Northern Nevada skiing accident was said to be 64 years old. His name won’t be released, per standard protocol, until his family is notified. The case is being looked into by the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office, and the body is being looked at by the Washoe County Medical Examiner’s Office. No foul play is expected or suspected, at least according to media reports, but law enforcement still must investigate. The victim’s family deserves it, as does everyone who spends time at the resort. If for some reason fault lay in part or in whole with the ski resort, that needs to be addressed so that others don’t meet the same fate as this skier.

Skiing accidents in Nevada are not uncommon, though they do not usually end in death. However, at least a few people do die in a typical year in different types of Nevada skiing and snowboarding accidents. Injuries and deaths result from everything from backcountry skiing to reckless actions by other skiers and riders. Alcohol and even recreational drugs are not uncommon on the slopes, and those can result in impaired accidents. Depending on the circumstances, these can be devastating, and debilitating. People injured in these accidents deserve top personal injury lawyers like Benson & Bingham Attorneys at Law. We help people injured in Nevada skiing accidents or the loved ones of those killed recover compensation when another person was at fault. Benson & Bingham are experienced skiing accident attorneys, and we handle all types of Nevada personal injury law as well.

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