Woman Seriously Injured in Lake Tahoe Boating Accident

Boating accidents in Nevada are unfortunately not uncommon. From the stunning vistas of Lake Tahoe to the party destination of Lake Mead, and everywhere in between, there is plenty of opportunity to be injured by a boat in Nevada. If no two car accident in Nevada are alike, no two boating accidents are, either. Sometimes they can be pretty straightforward, for sure. A boats pilot or captain not paying attention or obeying wake (speed) limits or right of ways, a drunk person operating a boat, etc. Then there are the more complicated ones, like a recent one in Lake Tahoe. Somehow a woman suffered serious injuries when her legs became entangled in the boat’s propellers. The woman was said to be in the midst of a fun outing, being pulled behind the boat on a tube, when the incident occurred. According to reports, she was in the process of climbing out of the water and onto the boat when somehow she got into the propellers. There was also reportedly some problems with the calls for help where search and rescue operations did not know where to find the woman and the boat and people she was with. She was not conscious, according to the first responders, when they arrived. However, they took her via Medivac helicopter to a hospital in Reno, and she was alive but still in a “serious” condition.

With Lake Mead’s proximity to Las Vegas, the area also has its share of boating accidents. Boat Safety is always an issue that often times is ignored. In addition, boating accidents occur quite frequently in the summer months. Many boaters die not only from carelessness, but reckless drunk driving and other boaters not paying attention.

Liability is usually easy to prove with boat accidents, but insurance coverage seems to be the biggest issue. Boat and watercraft coverage is becoming increasingly more difficult to obtain. Boats that run aground or malfunction can cause horrific damages. It is important that your attorney look into all avenues of recovery including the United States National Park Service. Contact Benson & Bingham for a free consultation if you’re injured in a boating accident in Nevada. Our top watercraft attorneys know the ins and outs of water law, which can be tricky. Benson & Bingham will explain your legal rights, and then it’s up to you – our initial consultation is free and is no obligation.

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