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State of Nevada Funds Road Improvements to Reduce Reno Automobile Accidents

New road construction in Reno, Nevada, sponsored, in part, by the Nevada Department of Transportation is being completed in the hope of reducing Reno automobile accidents. One of the first projects is a pedestrian crossing signal at an intersection on North Virginia that has seen more than its share of Reno pedestrian accidents. The installation of the signal will cost just over $216,000 and will enable those wishing to cross North Virginia by the Boomtown Casino to stop passing automobiles and enable pedestrians to cross safely. In addition a 100+’ concrete barrier is being added to the street to assist drivers heading south to make safer right turns. To accommodate the new barrier, a bus stop is also in the process of being moved. The completion of the project will require some traffic delays including reducing the lanes on the road from two to one in each direction during the day. however, construction is not forecast to take long, as it is scheduled to be completed by the first week of June.


Another road construction project to reduce vehicular accidents in Northern Nevada is a road improvement and paving project on the Mount Rose Highway. One of the major objectives of the construction is to increase drainage along the highway. While this has been a series of significantly dry years in Northern Nevada, the better drainage will reduce puddles on the highly traveled roadway, thus reducing hydroplaning and other vehicle mishaps that happen in wet weather. Near residential areas, the project will also add rumble strips that will increase pedestrian safety. In addition, more guardrails are being installed. The entire project is set to cost approximately $10 million and will be completed sometime in Fall 2015.


Multiple Vehicle AccidentAnother project in the works is a $12.1 million effort to fix concrete that is degrading. The stretch of highway, formerly named 395 and now titled I-580 will fix a stretch of highway between Moana Ln. and Glendale Ave. As part of the project some southbound and northbound lanes on the highway are also being resurfaced. An additional part of the project will add earthquake protection to the highway’s bridges. The final aspect of the project is to make intersections near the highway more wheelchair accessible.
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