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21-Year Old Man Convicted of 2011 Reno DUI Pedestrian Accident

A 2011 Reno DUI death of a pedestrian has led to the DUI conviction of a man to 16 years in jail. The man, 21 year old Cesar Bernal-Cuadra was in the Washoe County DUI accident at Virginia and 8th street last October 21st. The man hit, 63-year old Charles Heinemann was walking out side of a cross walk when he was hit. The determination of where Mr. Heinemann, from California, was walking was done by surveying the surveillance cameras of a number of businesses in the vicinity of the accident. If you have lost a relative or been injured in a Reno pedestrian automobile accident, contact NV-Attorney today for a free legal consultation.

Mr. Bernal-Caudra was not convicted of driving while under the influence of alcohol, however. Urine and blood tests determined that the recently convicted gentleman was under the influence of marijuana at the time of the crash. At the time of the Northern Nevada automobile accident, the man’s infant child and girlfriend were in the car.

Mr. Heinemann was in Reno working on the home of his recently deceased mother-in-law. The California man was running an errand to Walgreen’s at the time of the accident. Mr. Heinemann’s wife was with him in Reno working on the home.

In 2010, Mr. Bernal-Cuadra was arrested for previous DUI involving marijuana. is the Reno, Nevada arm of leading Las Vegas personal injury law firm, Benson and Bingham. Our firm, which secured over $24,000,000 for our clients in 2010 and 2011 has significant experience in all types of personal injury law including Las Vegas wrongful death, Reno big rig accidents, and even casino accidents that have occurred outside of the Silver State when the company’s corporate headquarters is based in Nevada. Benson and Bingham has built its success on the relationships it has with the people it represents. If, at the end of your case, you are not happy with your invoice total, our attorneys will work with you to develop a pricing structure that meets your approval.

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