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Reno Commercial Vehicle Accident Spills 42,000 Pounds of Ketchup

While student film makers for eons have used ketchup as a substitute for blood, the tomato based condiment, to the relief of a number of NHP troopers and clean-up workers, does not look as gory in real life. In late February 2013, a Reno commercial vehicle accident resulted in thousands of cans and bottles of ketchup ended up smeared across Highway 80 close to Robb drive in Reno. The Reno ketchup fiasco slowed traffic for hours as the 4 lane mega highway was reduced from four lanes to one. The accident happened as the driver of the condiment carrying big rig swerved to avoid another vehicle, crashed into a cement median and then had the contents of his truck torn open by a light pole. If you have suffered an injury or had property damaged in a Washoe County big rig crash, NV-Attorney can help you to recover financially.

Cleaning up of the over 42,000 pounds of ketchup required significant creativity. Workers first covered the spilled ketchup with sand and then used snow plows to scoop the sand and ketchup mixture. Many Reno residents volunteered to clean up the ketchup if the trucking company provided hot dogs and cheeseburgers.

Northern Nevada big rig accidents can be financially devastating to anyone – especially when those injured need to spar with insurance companies to get their hospital and other bills paid. NV-attorney, the Northern Nevada arm of the family owned Las Vegas personal injury law firm, Benson and Bingham, has significant experience with all types of personal injury law including Las Vegas commercial vehicle crashes, Reno automobile accidents, Las Vegas pedestrian accidents and even casino accidents that have happened outside of the Silver State when the company’s corporate headquarters is based in Nevada. Our attorneys are able to get our clients the best possible reimbursements from insurance companies intent on reducing their financial liabilities.

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