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Legal Rights with Food Poisoning Cases in Hotels or Casinos

Every year there are countless cases of food or beverage related food poisoning reported in Las Vegas and other cities in Nevada.  What are your rights when you believe you have been exposed to food poisoning at a Nevada Hotel, Casino or Restaurant?

The first step is determining what and where the poisoning occurred.  Often times this can be traced by asking some simple questions. Are there  multiple people suffering from the same ailment?  Did you eat the same or similar things?  Did you share  the same food, or did you order the same entree?

Food poisoning cases are very hard to prove unless evidence is collected.  Typically, the food that is poisonous is obviously not around as it was consumed.  Therefore, it is necessary that lab tests are obtained to show that it was indeed food poisoning.  Most often, blood work or the fecal matter must be tested to determine if a virus, bacteria or other foreign substance caused the incident/s.

Last, you must have a reasonable amount of damage to pursue litigation.  If you had an upset stomach which ruined your weekend in Vegas, it will be difficult to mind an attorney willing to represent you in the case.  While that my sound harsh, the reality is that litigation for these such cases is time consuming and costly.

If you believe you have been victimized by food poisoning or another pathogen from dining at a hotel or casino restaurant contact the attorneys that understand your rights, Benson & Bingham – Las Vegas Casino Accident Attorneys at Law.

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