Four Reno Residents Killed in Separate Reno Auto Accidents

The death of two Reno residents in car crashes this week highlights the need for safer Northern Nevada driving habits. The first accident, which occurred on McCarren injured one person and killed two senior citizens in separate cars. . The driver of a white Korean made SUV had a medical episode which caused him to lose consciousness and cross the concrete median that separates the oncoming lanes on the four lane road which circles through Reno and Sparks. The driver of the Kia SUV, was Sparks resident, Steven Williams. He was 67 years old. Mr. Logan Knight, 75, was riding in a Cadillac when the accident occurred. The driver of the American-made luxury vehicle, whose name and age have not been released, is still in critical condition at a local hospital. The accident, which occurred at approximately 7 in the morning, caused significant traffic issues as multiple lanes on the Reno highway were closed. If you or a relative has been injured or killed in a Reno car accident, contact Benson and Bingham today.

The second accident occurred in rural Nevada and killed two people who resided in Reno. The two people, 43-year old Duong Chi Ly and 44-year old Trinh M. Duong. Two other Reno residents were injured in the Northern Nevada automobile crash, 44-year old Ardi Ly and 50-year old Steven Lee. This accident also happened at 7 in the morning. The crash happened when a semi-trick attempted to make a U-turn on Interstate 95. Just as the U-turn was being finished, the car driven by Mr. Ly, a Honda, hit the back of the trailer. The Honda Pilot stopped on the highway shoulder, propped on its left side wheels. The one lane rural Nevada highway has a 70 mile per hour speed limit.

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