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Two Injured In Reno Automobile Accident When Car Slams Into Home

An early morning car crash into a home in Reno resulted in significant property damage but amazingly, no injuries to innocent people. This accident was the second Reno automobile accident where a car plowed into a home in little over a month. The owner of the house hit by the car was sleeping at the time of the accident but was unhurt. There were two in the car at the time of the accident, a man and a woman. The man in the accident was arrested for driving while intoxicated and the woman who was riding in the car was rushed to the hospital due to injuries in the Washoe County car crash. The arrested driver in the accident also was treated for his injuries at a local hospital.


The accident was the result of a police chase when they saw a car they suspected that a drunk driver was behind the wheel of. The behavior that drew police attention to the driver was reckless driving and repeated u-turns.  When police tried to pull over the car, it sped away and into an area of single family homes. Police then came upon the car after it had slammed into the home in the accident. The accident happened on Kirman Ave. in Reno, in an area where a number of the neighborhood’s residents note that many do drive very fast on. The accident happened just before two in the morning on August 10th, a Monday.
The earlier Northern Nevada vehicle collision with a home occurred in Late June. In that tragic accident, two young children were killed. The man who slammed into the house was 66 years old. The accident happened near 1400 Princess St., near the cross street of Vasser. The mother of the two kids was not harmed in the accident. Investigations and witnesses have learned that the driver of the SUV was traveling at a speed over 60 miles per hour at the time of the crash. The driver has cooperated with Reno police in the investigation. The name of the 66-year old driver in the June accident was released by police. His name is Sheldon Berg. Prior to the accident, Mr. Berg’s license had been suspended six times. Mr. Berg’s license suspensions, which started in 2002, were not due to felony or misdemeanor convictions. Mr. Berg’s license suspensions have been for a number of reasons over the year, including failing to comply and for reasons requested by a doctor.

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