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1-Year Anniversary of the Reno Caughlin Ranch Fire Brings Reflection

In the middle of the night on a mid-November evening, the majority of the residents of Caughlin Ranch were asleep, getting needed rest for themselves to head to their jobs the next day. Then, early in the morning of November 18th, around midnight, a tree branch was blown by high winds onto a power line, which quickly caught the desert sagebrush that surrounds the exclusive enclave on fire. The fire that raged through the tony community eventually destroyed 28 houses and damaged 15 more. In addition, one person was killed during the fire. If you have lost a relative to negligence resulting in a case of Reno wrongful death, log onto today.

The Caughlin Ranch fire eventually burned over 2,000 acres in the Western areas of Reno and Washoe County. The fire spread quickly due to particularly dry Reno fall weather and high winds. Fire fighters battling the blaze originally had difficulties containing the fire. Reno fire officials stated that embers and would light additional sections of the countryside as fire teams had contained fires in other areas. Because of the Caughlin fire, 16 people were rushed to area hospitals. Had it not been for a Reno snowstorm on November 19th, the fire may have continued to burn out of control. All told only one death from the fire incident was a miracle. Washoe County wrongful death cases can come in all shapes and sizes, if you have lost a relative in a wrongful death in Northern Nevada, contact today.

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