NHP Searching For Driver In Reno Hit And Run Motorcycle Accident

Highway Patrol officers are on the lookout for a driver who was involved in a deadly Reno motorcycle accident that happened in early July. NHP suspect that a Subaru WRX hit a Reno man, Stephen Hobbs, 51, while he was riding his motorcycle. The accident happened just after noon on Saturday, July 11th in the vicinity of the Cold Springs off ramp on Highway 395. Mr. Hobbs was travelling Northward on Interstate 395 in the same direction as the Subaru WRX was headed. In the accident, the Subaru hit the motorcycle in the Washoe County motorbike crash. Mr. Hobbs was thrown from his motorcycle in the accident, and was rushed to Renown hospital with injuries that were considered critical. He was taken to the hospital by helicopter. Mr. Hobbs later passed away at Renown Hospital. Mr. Hobbs, a California corrections officer, was driving a KTM motorcycle at the time of the accident.


Investigators are thinking that the Subaru WRX in the accident was from 2010. The Japanese built vehicle may have damage to the right front (passenger) fender and side. NHP have leads that the Subaru is painted silver and the license plates on the car are of the Nevada sunset variety. The Cold Springs sports bike collision is being investigated as a road rage accident.


motorbike accidentRoad rage is considered a significant factor in automobile accidents across the United States. 2/3rds of all US traffic deaths are the result of driving aggressively and just over 1/3rd of aggressive driving accidents have a gun involved. Statistics show that men under 19 are the biggest demographic in road rage accidents. The term road rage was coined by a Los Angeles television station when multiple highway shooting accidents happened on LA freeways. Road rage is defined as when a traffic accident happens when multiple road infractions occur that endanger or harm people or property. Half of all drivers report that they respond to aggressive driving with aggressive actions on their own. Those behaviors include rude gestures, tailgating and even horn honking. In seven years, over 12,000 people were injured in road rage incidents and approximately 220 people were killed. Even more frightening, 2% of drivers admit to attempting to drive someone off the road.
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