14 Vehicles Involved in Injury Accident in Reno

When you hear there was a 14 car accident on the freeway, you normally would think and imagine the worst – traffic stopped for hours on end, tons of property damage, and worse, like horrible injuries, and fatalities. Thankfully, almost none of that was the case recently with a car accident in Reno that involved 14 different vehicles. If you’re injured in a car accident in Reno, or anywhere in Northern Nevada, contact Benson & Bingham Attorneys at Law for a free consultation to talk over your legal options and ability to be compensated for your injuries.

This accident was reported to have started with 5 vehicles being involved in an accident in the far left hand lane of traffic headed south on U.S. 395. This was in the area just north of the Spaghetti Bowl, between the North McCarran Boulevard and Oddie Boulevard exits of the freeway. Following this 5 car pile up, 9 more vehicles ended up in some sort of accident either by swerving to avoid other vehicles or failing to slow down and causing rear-end auto accidents in this Reno freeway demolition derby. Fortunately, only one driver was said to suffer any injury in this Washoe County car accident, and it was not even serious enough for him to be taken to the hospital.

That doesn’t mean, however, that no one else will feel the aftereffects of this major car accident. Often times, neck and back injuries from these types of accidents, like this major, multiple vehicle automobile accident in Las Vegas, don’t show up for days or weeks. Be sure that you don’t sign off on not having any injuries in regards to insurance claims for at least a few days or ideally a few weeks after a vehicle accident in Reno, particularly rear-end accidents that may involve whiplash. Get checked out by a doctor if there’s any indication of injury; this is most likely covered by another party’s insurance if you were not at fault in the accident.

If there is any injury or potential injury, make sure you get legal representation. Benson & Bingham have been practicing this type of law in Northern Nevada for years; we would be happy to sit down with you for a free consultation. Our lawyers know the law, know the area, and can help you get the coverage and compensation you need following any type of vehicle injury accident in Reno, Sparks, or anywhere else in Northern Nevada. Our law firm also prides itself on our customer service, on taking care of you the client as well as your legal claim – call us today for a no obligation consultation.

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