Motorcycle Accidents Rise in Reno During Street Vibrations

Extra patrols were out this past weekend to prevent motorcycle accidents in Reno, among any number of other possible negative outcomes, as the annual Street Vibrations Motorcycle Rally came through town. This is a great event often times, both for the attendees and for Reno’s economy. Unfortunately, it also happens that it brings with it a number of injuries, altercations, accidents, and sometimes deaths. With as many as 50,000 additional people visiting the area for the festival, roads become crowded with vehicles that are sometimes harder to spot than regular cars or trucks, despite the noise. There can and have also been a number of bad actors – people here for the festival that drive too fast, recklessly, or are driving drunk in Nevada. Since motorcycle accidents are often the most deadly of traffic accidents, the rally can bring its fair share of fatal Reno motorcycle crashes, as well. Seeing as it’s not too difficult to get out of the city or the city feel, there are also a number of other types of accidents, such as at the festival the year before this one a motorcycle rider hit a horse and was killed.
Even without the extra load capacity of that many bikers in town, motorcycle accidents in Southern Nevada and Northern Nevada are all too common. We have a lot of things that are attractive to bikers, and therefore quite a number of them on our roads. We here at Benson & Bingham know just how devastating Northern Nevada motorcycle crashes can be. We’ve helped a number of people recover from them, and families move on after the death of a loved one. While it is easy to have a bad accident on a bike, getting properly compensated for those injuries or the death of a loved one can be difficult. Sometimes there is a bias to blame the motorcyclist for the accident. We here at Benson & Bingham know how to make judges, juries, and insurance claims agents see beyond the stereotype of the biker and take claims and settlements seriously. Contact us today for a free consultation if you or a loved one has been the victim of a motorcycle accident in Northern or Southern Nevada.

House Fires in Nevada, Are Smart Meters at Fault?

Benson & Bingham Attorneys at Law are actively looking into cases of house fires in Nevada from smart meters installed by NV Energy. There is disturbing evidence, as cited in that linked-to Reno Gazette-Journal article, that smart meters installed by NV Energy on homes across Nevada have been the cause of house fires that ranged in damage from a little soot on the outside of the house to people killed  in house fires in Northern Nevada. The possibility has become so real and alarming that the chiefs of the fire departments of the cities of Reno and Sparks have called for a probe in to the smart meters and fires that have potentially been started by them.

NV Energy, of course, is vehemently denying that their meters have any hand in starting and contributing to the damage from any of these fires. They cite evidence from investigators that they have hired to look into the fires, which they are calling “independent” investigators. That may be true. However, don’t take the word of the people who stand to lose by a result other than that. That’s why Benson & Bingham are pleased at the fire chiefs calling for a further investigation. Benson & Bingham are also looking into the matter, and interesting in speaking with anyone who has been injured or had their property damaged in a fire in Nevada caused by a smart meter, or at least that could have been caused by one. We’ll speak with you for a free consultation to begin to determine if you have a case or not.

We are not afraid of big corporations or their insurance companies. If NV Energy is at fault in these cases, or their contractor that supplies the meters, rest assured that Benson & Bingham are on your side and will fight for your rights and any compensation and coverage you may be owed. Benson & Bingham have taken on big corporations plenty of times, from casinos to vehicle insurance companies and beyond, and gotten great results for our clients. If you have been injured in a fire in Washoe County or any other type of injury in Northern Nevada, we can help. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Chemical Burns at Reno’s Discovery Museum

“Explosion at a children’s science museum” are not words you want to hear or read, let alone live through. And by “live through” here we are describing either being burned in the accident or being the parent of a child who was injured by chemical burns in Reno at the Discovery Museum. The truth of the accident, by many reports, is far less devastating that perhaps the initial headline leads you to believe. We think of explosions and most people may be thinking of big, destructive fireballs. Things you’ve seen in the movies engulf cars or helicopters, or tear down buildings or whole cities. You may imagine dynamite or propane tank or who knows what. Fortunately, this so-called explosion was a chemical flash that, while it did injure a few people and send them to the hospital, did not kill anyone or cause any affected parties to have to stay long in the hospital.

We do not in the least mean to belittle the pain and fright that this chemical burn accident in Washoe County caused the children and the adults in the room. Some were burned and required medical treatment, and at least one is staying in the hospital still, though he or she is listed in good condition. Regardless of how fast kids heal and bounce back or how minor an injury, a hospital treatment costs serious money. If there was negligence of training or oversight by the part of the museum, or if the accident was due to faulty manufacture, storage, or formula for the chemicals themselves then you could be entitled to coverage for the medical bills and compensation for your time and more.

The only way to find out if your or your child’s injuries from an accident in Northern Nevada is to consult with a top injury attorney in the Reno area. Benson & Binghan should be your first call. We have top Nevada injury lawyers in both Reno and Clark County who can get you the compensation you deserve following any kind of personal injury that was the fault of another person. How will you know if the accident was at the fault of another? By coming in to speak with Benson & Bingham Attorneys at Law for a free initial consultation.

Bus Accident in Reno Snarls Traffic

Commercial vehicle and public bus accidents have been all over the news recently. Our sister office and blog has been writing about commercial vehicle accidents in Southern Nevada, and now we too find ourselves writing about a type of accident like that, a city bus accident in Northern Nevada. As of yet no injuries have been reported from this crash. As we’ve written about extensively, however, not all injuries appear immediately following the moment of the accident. Whiplash injuries and neck and back car accident injuries in Nevada are often seen to present somewhat afterwards, even days or weeks. But regardless, even if no injuries at all were sustained in this accident, the coincidence of all these commercial vehicle accidents in the news is glaring. If you’re injured in a commercial vehicle or bus accident in Reno, contact Benson & Bingham Attorneys at Law today for top legal advice and representation, following a free consultation.

This accident in Reno was a Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) bus on Kietzke Lane. The accident occurred near the intersection of Mill Street, and snarled traffic there for quite some time. Given that the accident occurred a little before 3:30 in the afternoon on the Friday of Labor Day Weekend, we can imagine just how nasty this made the whole area surrounding the Mill Street onramp onto 395. Fortunately, and as we stated earlier, no injuries were yet released or reported. Though this news article on the bus accident in Washoe County mentions it being unclear if lanes were shut temporarily to deal with the accident, a Reno Police Department Lieutenant, one Amy Newman, is quoted in the article as being pretty sure there were closures. That would make sense, given the traffic jam the accident caused.

If you’re injured in a bus accident in Nevada, Benson & Bingham Attorneys at Law can help. This type of accident can seem unique, particularly if you’re on a public bus, and therefore scary. But rest assured, you’re in good hands with Benson & Bingham. We understand the ins and outs of these types of accidents, which are often dealt with similarly to commercial vehicle accidents Nevada. We can fight the insurance companies on your behalf, and get you the compensation you deserve if you did not cause the accident. Contact us today for a free consultation.