Reno School Bus Accident

Thankfully, no children were seriously injured in a recent school bus accident in Reno just a couple of days ago. The accident happened near Avenida de Landa on Sharlands Avenue in Northwest Reno, a little before 2:30 in the afternoon last Friday. A whopping 58 people were on the bus when it happened. Early reports were that a vehicle struck the back wheel of the bus. There were no initial reports of damage to the school bus, and minimal damage to the vehicle, though it did lose its front bumper. No injuries were immediately evident in this school bus accident in Washoe County, though medical and emergency personnel did check out all the children to verify. And of course, police investigators were sent to the scene, both from the county school district police and local police as well.

Unfortunately, it may be some time before this is sorted out entirely. Slow speed accidents that don’t cause any immediate or immediately visible injuries can have lasting effects on people due to the possibility of spinal or neck injuries that take some time to manifest and cause pain. Hopefully none of these children have such injuries, nor does that driver of the school bus, counted in the 58 total on board, nor does the driver or any passengers in the vehicle which hit the school bus and lost its bumper in the accident. However, if any of these people involved in this school bus accident in Northern Nevada were to develop pain and injury symptoms later, they would need a good lawyer to represent them.

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Bus Accident in Northern Nevada

For some reason many of us often feel somewhat invincible in a bus, taxi, or other types of public transportation. Lots of people rarely put their seatbelts on for the most part, which must in some way be a signal that they don’t have the same fear as in a regular, passenger car. We’re guilty of it ourselves. But it’s important to remember that injuries from bus accidents in Northern Nevada do happen. These accidents and injuries can be no less severe than accidents in other types of transportation. While there are seemingly few cases of people being injured on public transportation in Reno like this accident, it does most certainly happen. If you’re injured in an accident like that in Northern Nevada, Benson & Bingham Attorneys at Law can help.

There are many different types of public transportation, and many different things that can mean to different people. We use it more often to refer to most paid or mass transit systems, which in Nevada can mean a great many things. A tour bus bringing skiers, gamblers, outdoorsman, or any number of people is a ripe candidate for a bus accident in Northern Nevada because of our road conditions and drivers from out of state not knowing our roads or weather patterns. Even without the weather, people are injured on vacation in Nevada not infrequently because of bus and taxi injury accidents in Washoe County.

If you’re injured on public transportation in Reno and need a lawyer, contact Benson & Bingham today for a free consultation with top Nevada injury lawyers. It is important for the lawyer handling the case to understand how to pursue proper litigation in this field, since there are many factors: Was the driver licensed? Was the taxi cab or bus driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs? What is the maximum in liability insurance a victim can receive?

In addition, many pedestrians are victimized by taxi cab and bus drivers who commit vehicle violations while behind the wheel. If the cab driver was at fault for causing you pain and suffering, it is important to contact a lawyer with taxi cab accident experience.

The Law Offices of Benson and Bingham are skilled at litigating or settling taxi accident and bus injury cases in Nevada. Contact our Nevada Law Offices if you are injured by a taxi cab or bus.