12% Decline in Fatal Reno Car Accidents in 2012

Reno police have listed the top 10 intersections in the Biggest Little city where Reno automobile accidents happened in 2012. The police agency has released the information in the interest of improving traffic safety in Reno and Washoe County in 2013. The top 10 dangerous intersections were:

  • Plumb Ln & Harvard Way
  • Plumb Ln & Kietzke Ln
  • Moana Ln & Kietzke Ln
  • McCarran Blvd & 7th St
  • Virgina St. & Moana Ln
  • N. McCarran Blvd & N. Virgina St
  • McCarran Blvd & Longley Ln
  • S. Virgina St. & S McCarran Blvd
  • Keystone Ave & 4th St
  • Matley Ln & Plumb St.

While 2012 showed a significant increase in Las Vegas automobile fatalities, Reno fatal automobile accidents in 2012 actually declined to 15 that same year. The percentage of fatal accidents in Reno saw a significant decline of 12%. Three of the Reno accident fatalities were with motorcycles. 8 of the accident fatalities were pedestrians, all of which happened at night time. A moped rider was killed in one accident. Three of the Reno car accident deaths occurred in single car accidents.

In 2012, there was a total of nearly 3000 automobile accidents in Washoe County. The police department also issued over 14,500 traffic tickets during the year.

Increased traffic police presence in Reno was funded by a state of Nevada Joining Forces grant and the federal Department of Transportation. These funds were used to increase the number of police on Reno roads, on traffic safety public service announcements and even DUI checkpoints throughout the Biggest Little City.

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Four Injured In Accident On Interstate 80 in Reno

An early morning Reno automobile injury accident on Friday the 15th of March resulted in 4 people being rushed to the hospital and traffic backed up on the key highway that cuts through the Truckee Meadows for three hours. The Reno Interstate 80 accident occurred when Matthew Simpson, 18, pulled over to the side of the highway when his Chevy Blazer ran out of gas. The teenager, whose girlfriend, Carissa Leone was in the car, called his mother for help. Mr. Simpson’s mother, Annmarie Simpson, being the good mother that she is, grabbed a gas can, filled it and went to rescue his son and girlfriend on the side of Interstate 80. The accident occurred when Ishmael Ramirez-Lopez struck Ms. Simpson’s Lexus. The force of the crash cause the Lexus to slam into the back of Mr. Simpson’s blazer. If you or a family member was injured in a Truckee Meadows automobile accident, go to NV-Attorney and request your free initial legal consultation.

The accident is currently being invested by the Nevada Highway Patrol. Police have stated that Mr. Ramirez-Lopez is cooperating with the authorities regarding the accident. It is not known if Mr. Ramirez-Lopez was intoxicated at the time of the crash. Mr. Ramirez-Lopez, 22, was identified after the accident by a passport he was carrying. It is unknown whether or not the man is a Reno resident.

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Reno Commercial Vehicle Accident Spills 42,000 Pounds of Ketchup

While student film makers for eons have used ketchup as a substitute for blood, the tomato based condiment, to the relief of a number of NHP troopers and clean-up workers, does not look as gory in real life. In late February 2013, a Reno commercial vehicle accident resulted in thousands of cans and bottles of ketchup ended up smeared across Highway 80 close to Robb drive in Reno. The Reno ketchup fiasco slowed traffic for hours as the 4 lane mega highway was reduced from four lanes to one. The accident happened as the driver of the condiment carrying big rig swerved to avoid another vehicle, crashed into a cement median and then had the contents of his truck torn open by a light pole. If you have suffered an injury or had property damaged in a Washoe County big rig crash, NV-Attorney can help you to recover financially.

Cleaning up of the over 42,000 pounds of ketchup required significant creativity. Workers first covered the spilled ketchup with sand and then used snow plows to scoop the sand and ketchup mixture. Many Reno residents volunteered to clean up the ketchup if the trucking company provided hot dogs and cheeseburgers.

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