The Evolution of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD)

The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) is a government publication issued under the guidance of the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration.  The manual sets the minimum standards and ensures uniformity throughout Nevada, as well as the United States,  for all traffic control devices.  The document is constantly changing as new technologies, traffic innovations and rules and regulations evolve through the country, but is constantly being incorporated by local law standards, including the Highway Patrol, Sheriffs and other police officers in Nevada.

The first MUTCD was first  published in 1937 after the American Association of State Highway Officials (AASHO) and the National Conference on Street and Highway Safety (NCSHS) combined to form the Joint Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (JC).  While the manual was first produced in 1935, it was only published two years later since demand for the information was so high.  Obviously as the rules of the road changed dramatically over time the document has evolved considerably since its inception.  New traffic devices and other rules for construction and maintenance operations were only addressed with the start of the Interstate Highway System.

Today, the document is still used throughout the country as a guide on both National and State levels.  Due to the constant changing of the documentation, the best place to find the most current version of the MUTCD is on their website,   The publication is constantly evolving and takes suggestions from local and state agencies as well as other quasi governmental traffic agencies; so, if you believe there is a currently problem with the way a device operates or the rules of the road, don’t get mad, get even and contact the MUTCD with your gripe.  Otherwise, if you have been cited for failure to use due care, or other tickets including reckless driving, speeding tickets or warrants, contact the experts at Ticket Power.

24 Hour Ticket Power Continues to Lead the Way in Automated Traffic Ticket Adjudication

Las Vegas, NV – August 10, 2010 – 24 Hour Ticket Power continues to reign supreme in the State of Nevada when it comes to handling traffic tickets online. The company operates a website, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week dedicated to helping Las Vegas residents as well as out of state guests that befall the eye of the law.

The site adjudicates almost every ticket issued in the Southern Nevada area with an online system that records the violation and other salient information including the citation number, court, appearance date as well as the basic tenants of the violation. The attorneys review the violation, as well as driver’s license and other important fact, contacts the driver to discuss the case and then handles the ticket with the various courts in Southern Nevada.

The result? Typically the firm arranges the best possible outcome for the driver, often with no points, no insurance increase, and for a lower fee then if they’d address the violation in person. All without the driver having to leave his or her domicile.

If you or someone you know has been cited for a traffic ticket violation in Clark County, Henderson or North Las Vegas, turn to the traffic ticket attorneys that understand how to litigate these tickets, turn the attorneys at 24 Hour Ticket Power.

The attorneys at 24 hour ticket power offer a one stop place to handle your traffic ticket violations in Clark County and Southern Nevada. The ticket lawyers handle every traffic violation from red light and speeding tickets to DUI’s, reckless driving and arrest warrants. The site handles the whole ticket fighting process through their website,

Bus Originating from Las Vegas with Tourists has Tragic Accident in Utah

A Las Vegas Tour Bus carrying tourist from Japan suddenly crashed this week driving from Nevada to Bryce Canyon National Park.  The tragic bus accident between Nevada and Utah occurred when the driver hit a median and rolled the bus 66 miles inside Utah state lines.

The injured passengers were rushed to surrounding medical centers, including the  University of Utah Medical Center, Valley View Medical Center and Intermountain Medical Center to be treated for various wounds suffered during the bus accident.  The Utah Highway Patrol where withholding some of the deceased passengers names until the families of the departed could be rightfully contacted to inform them of their deaths.

The cause of why the driver hit the median is still being investigated.  Although often times bus and other vehicle accidents occur due to circumstances the driver couldn’t prevent, there are many know instances when the accident was caused due to driver negligence and/or the result of being under the influence of drugs/alcohol.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a bus or private transportation vehicle, and believe the cause of the accident may have been prevented with due care, you should seek the advice of legal representation to understand the options available to you.  The law offices of Benson & Bingham have handled several bus accident/injury cases in Las Vegas and surrounding areas of Southern Nevada, and are licensed to practice in both Utah and Nevada.  The Nevada firm understand what to look for in such horrific cases.  Sometimes vehicle accidents are due to unpreventable circumstances, however the firm has experienced other cases where the driver was negligent or even the vehicle  not up to safety standards for the  transportation of people.  If you believe an accident was caused due to negligence or product liability, contact the experts at Benson & Bingham.