Las Vegas Monorail Accident Traps Victims in Smoking Car

The Las Vegas Monorail unexpectedly came to a sudden stop when the wheels suddenly locked up on this afternoon.  The sudden stop by the monorail caused smoke to fill the cabin of at least one of the cars, causing smoke inhalation, dizziness, and even unconsciousness for some of the passengers.

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18-Year Old Woman Killed in Auto Accident on Las Vegas Boulevard

An accident involving three teens has left the driver of the vehicle dead after a two car crash on South Las Vegas Boulevard.  The woman was driving a 1990 Taurus that allegedly pulled from Shelbourne Avenue into an oncoming 2000 Ford F350 truck.  None of the four passengers in the truck were injured; however, the other two teens driving with the woman killed were injured in the accident.

The car accident occured at approximately 8:00 p.m. on January, 4th, a sad reminder that auto accidents kill more teens then any other event in that age group in the United States.  According to the National Center for Health Statistic, a 2005 study sources automobile accidents at nearly 40% of total fatalities for Older Teens (15 – 19).

While many car accidents are due to unintended circumstances, many others in Las Vegas are a result of reckless driving, impairment from alcohol or drugs, or other avoidable precursors due to driver neglect.  It is a person’s right to consult a Nevada Attorney if one has been a victim of an auto accident.  The Law Offices of Benson and Bingham are experienced with helping victims of car accidents in Nevada understand their rights.