Man Injured In Downtown Reno Aircraft Accident

Some injuries are commonplace – car accidents, pedestrian accidents, slips and falls in a casino, work accidents. Others are rare – freak accidents where someone accidentally suffers a severe cut in the kitchen, a bridge collapsing or even a bridge collapsing. A Reno aviation accident last weekend was thankfully significantly less tragic than one would expect. Last Sunday, a glider pilot abandoned his aircraft as it began to rip apart mid-air. As the glider plunged to the ground, the pilot was able to eject and parachute onto downtown Reno city streets. The pilot, upon landing at 5th Street an Arlington Avenue, was injured, but only minor. The glider landed in two pieces in Reno, with a wing coming to a stop at a park named Dick Taylor. The fuselage of the plane landed on the roof of a parking garage on the top of a nearby hospital. The same hospital the glider pilot was rushed to in order to treat his injuries. The Northern Nevada air accident is currently being investigated by the United States transportation agency, and the name of the pilot and the full extent of his injuries has not been released.


Fortunately, what could have been a tragic accident did not turn out so. The aircraft incident in Washoe County did not result in a Ren automobile accident, since it happened on a Sunday afternoon at what can often be a busy intersection. No pedestrians or onlookers were hurt by the man parachuting in the middle of a busy street. With plane parts falling from the sky no one was hurt by falling debris. Even though the plane’s fuselage landed in a parking lot, no one was hurt there and even none of the parked cars suffered any damage.


Like many recent stories, this Reno air accident received national media attention in magazines such as Popular Mechanics, Jalopnik, The Sacramento Bee, and Flying Magazine. is the Northern Nevada branch of the widely knows Las Vegas personal injury law firm, Benson and Bingham. Our Nevada licensed personal injury attorneys have significant experience with nearly all types of personal injury law including Las Vegas automobile accidents, Southern Nevada wrongful death and even accidents that happen in casinos outside of Nevada that have corporate headquarters in the Silver State. Each and everyone of our clients is also covered by our exclusive happiness guarentee. If you are unhappy with our invoice at the end of your case, we will work with you to arrive at a fee structure that meets your approval.


Maine Chair Lift Accident Could Happen In Northern Nevada

A Maine ski resort, Sugarloaf, had a significant chair lift accident that injured seven of the two hundred people who were on the lift at the time. The ski resort accident was caused by a fault in a gearbox which caused the malfunction. The accident is currently being investigated and the ski resort remains closed. Just before the weekend, the gearbox that malfunctioned this weekend was inspected – and passed. The lift was working correctly on Saturday afternoon when it abruptly stopped then spun backwards, approximately for half of the distance of the lift. While Nevada ski resorts have had a relatively weak ski season in Winter 2014/2015, accidents can still happen at Northern Nevada/Lake Tahoe ski resorts. If you have been injured in a Reno vacation accident, contact Benson and Bingham today to start discussing your case.


Since both Northern and Southern Nevada are tourist heavy areas, tourism accidents in Clark County and Washoe County are very common. Some of the more common types of Northern or Southern Nevada vacation accidents that happen are casino accidents. Casino accidents can be escalator mishaps, elevator malfunctions, alcohol-related injuries and even slip and fall accidents on tile and carpet. Slip and fall accidents can happen on carpet or tile. Carpets can wear out and people can slip on tile that is being mopped and cleaned. Other types of vacation accidents can be when tourists are participating in extreme sports. Extreme sport injuries can come from snowboarding, skiing, boating, swimming and water skiing. In Southern Nevada, tourist accidents can come from skydiving and ATV adventures. Some have even been injured hiking in the mountains around Lake Tahoe or around Lake Mead.


Benson and Bingham is a Southern Nevada personal injury law firm that has significant presence across the Silver State. Our Nevada licensed attorneys have experience with Las Vegas automobile accidents, Clark County wrongful death cases and even pedestrian accidents in Southern Nevada. We can also represent people who are injured in casinos and vacation resorts outside of Nevada when the property’s corporate headquarters is based in the Silver State. Our firm is extremely client focused – we develop strong relationships with the individuals and families we represent and these relationships are often responsible for referrals we receive for new clients. Everyone of our clients is also covered by our exclusive happiness guarantee. Not happy with the final invoice in your case? Benson and Bingham’s team members will develop an invoice structure that meets with your approval.


Reno News of Car Accidents and Mayhem in Atlanta

Not at all to enjoy another’s misfortune, but we have certainly given a rueful, ironic smile or two here in Reno at the car accidents and general mayhem that this recent storm has brought to Atlanta. Oh, the terrible irony of it: the east has more snow and weather than it can handle, and the west parches more and more day by day as we lack almost all signs of our usual, spectacular winter seasons. Fortunately these last two days or so have started to bring in a little bit of rain and finally snow. But that’s about all we’ve seen since early or mid-December. And while snow storms do cause a number of car accidents in Washoe when they’re bad, two to three inches never shuts down our city. If you’re injured in one of these accidents and need a lawyer, Benson & Bingham Attorneys at Law can tell you what your legal rights are in a free consultation.

This thing in Atlanta is really almost mind boggling. How two to three inches could just shut the whole place down? It was left with freeways full of temporarily abandoned cars and makeshift shelters set up for stranded drivers and school buildings keeping children overnight. Everyone pointed fingers at everyone, and most people pointed them at the mayor and the governor and government institutions in general. Reading the news of the accidents here in Reno, we couldn’t help but wonder “what about the drivers?!” People are responsible for driving at a reasonable speed and in control, or not at all. Even though snow may have made the roads very slick, it’s each driver’s duty to go a safe speed. Speeding tickets in Nevada can be given not just based on the speed limit, but on the roads conditions.

If you were injured in a car accident in Northern Nevada because of another person, our experienced accident attorneys at Benson & Bingham can help. We’ve been dealing with these types of cases for combined decades of experience, and can get you help in paying for your treatment and your recovery. We deal with cases up and down the state as well, so if you’re injured in a car accident in Las Vegas, we can help there, too. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Nevada Vehicle Deaths Surpass National Average in CDC Study

Northern Nevada and Southern Nevada surpass the national average in vehicle deaths in a recent CDC report on non-natural deaths across the United States. Nevada led in all categories including drug overdoses, vehicle accidents and suicide. The Silver State’s drug deaths come from a litany of substances including alcohol and prescription opiates. In fact, prescription pain killers were twice as responsible for Nevada deaths as other drugs like heroin and cocaine combined. For the 10 years studied by the CDC, there were over 4,300 deaths due to vehicle crashes. Some of these were Reno motorcycle accidents; others were Northern Nevada car crashes, others were pedestrian deaths, ATVs, bus accidents and even airplane and helicopter crashes. If you have been injured or had a relative killed in a Reno automobile accident, go to today to book your free legal consultation.

While Nevada had 16.9 deaths per every 100,000 people over the 1999-2009 timeframe, the United States averaged 15.6 deaths per 100,000. Nevada is a large state, however, and for miles traveled in the Silver State, Nevada actually ranks significantly lower for Nevada automobile deaths. Drunk and drugged driving is one of the primary factors in Nevada automobile accident deaths. Other contributing factors to Northern Nevada automobile deaths include speeding, poor road conditions and distracted driving. Nevada’s Department of Transportation is working to reduce these vehicle deaths with a number of driver education and enforcement efforts including Joining Forces, increased DUI checkpoints and seatbelt use educational programs.

NV-Attorney is the Northern Nevada branch of Benson and Bingham, one of Las Vegas’ leading personal injury firms. Our attorneys have significant experience with Las Vegas vehicle accidents, Reno pedestrian accidents and Nevada wrongful death cases. Our attorneys are successful because of the relationships they build with their clients as cases move through the legal process. Our firm even offers those we represent our exclusive happiness guarantee; if, at the end of your case, you feel your final bill is unfair, we will work with you to develop a fee structure that meets your approval.

NTSB Postpones Hearing On 2011 Northern Nevada Amtrak Crash

Many Northern Nevadans and Californians were disappointed this week when Hurricane Sandy forced the delay of a report many have been waiting patiently for. Yesterday, the National Safety Transportation Board had to postpone the previously scheduled hearing to announce the causes that lead to the horrific Reno Amtrak crash from last June. In the Reno train accident last June, over 20 people were injured and 6 were killed. The crashed happened when a Semi Truck sped through warning barriers as a west bound Amtrak train crossed North US 95. If you or a relative has been injured or killed in a Reno commercial vehicle accident, NV-attorney can help you recover financially for them catastrophe.

One of the reasons the NTSB report concerned so many involved in the crash is that in August a federal judge, Valerie Cooke, granted motions by John Davis Trucking Company. The company, which owned the truck involved in the crash, maintains that safety features intended to alert drivers of an oncoming train were not working the day of the crash. John Davis Trucking attorneys state that oncoming train flashing lights and gate crossing arm malfunctioned at the time of the crash. The company’s lawyers even attest that Amtrak employees destroyed evidence of the malfunctions that led to the Reno semi-truck crash.

NV-Attorney is the Northern Nevada arm of the leading Las Vegas personal injury law firm, Benson and Bingham. Our family owned firm was founded by cousins Ben Bingham and Joseph Benson in 2003 with the goal of assisting those hurt in accidents that were not their fault. Our licensed Nevada personal injury attorneys have experience with cases in both the Northern and Southern reaches of the Silver State. While we have won cases for our clients in all types of personal injury suits, we specialize in Las Vegas pedestrian accidents, Nevada semi-truck accidents and even casino injuries outside of Nevada when the company’s corporate headquarters are based in Nevada.

NTSB Releases Report on June 2011 Reno Train/Semi-Truck Accident

The National Transportation Safety Board has finally release its report on the tragic semi-truck train accident just outside Reno that killed 6 people June of last year. The crash also injured dozens of people. If you have been injured in a commercial truck accident in Northern Nevada, contact NV-Attorney, the Northern Nevada arm of Las Vegas’ premiere personal injury firm, Benson and Bingham.

The NTSB report includes statements from a witness that said he didn’t believe the driver of the Peterbilt tractor trailer, Lawrence Valli, had any idea he was approaching a speeding oncoming train. The witness reports also state that the train crossing’s safety features like cross arms and flashing lights were in working order.

The report from the NTSB is only a compendium of data associated with the Northern Nevada big rig accident, and provides no analysis or states any opinion of fault in the crash. The NTSB basically accepts and uses all witness reports and forensic data as it investigates a crash.

John Davis Trucking, the firm that owned the Peterbilt big rig and employed the 43-year old now deceased truck driver in the accident, attests that safety features at the railroad crossing were not functioning and were repaired by Union Pacific Railroad employees. If you have been injured in a Reno Semi truck accident, contact NV-Attorney today.

NV-Attorney’s parent firm, Benson and Bingham has been representing Nevadan’s injured in accidents that were no fault of their own since 2003. Our team of Nevada licensed personal injury attorneys work closely with our clients to develop the best possible relationship as a case goes to trial. These relationships are the key to our success, not limited to the $24,000,000 we secured for our clients in 2010 and 2011 but also the large number of referrals we receive. We also offer every client our exclusive happiness guarantee – if at the end of your case, you are unhappy with your final bill, we will work with you to arrive at an invoice that meets your approval.


Judge Grants Trucking Company’s Motion In Reno Amtrak Accident Case

In June 2011, an AMTRACK train crashed into a semi truck that was attempting to stop his speeding truck, Five passengers on the train headed to San Fruancsico were killed, as well as Lawrence Valli , the driver of the big rig truck. Approximately 20 to 30 people were injured in the crash. The NTSB (the United States National Transportation Safety Board) is still investigating the cause of the accident. The rail line is operated by Union Pacific Railroad and the trucking company who owned the truck is John Davis Trucking. If you have been injured or had a relative killed in a Reno semi-truck accident, NV-Attorney can represent you in your personal injury case.

John Davis Trucking alleges that the crash was caused by defective warning gates that did not give Mr. Valli enough time to stop his truck safely and bear responsibility for the accident. The trucking company also alleges that workers for the Union Pacific Railroad tampered with and destroyed evidence of the rail operator’s culpability after the Northern Nevada big rig crash. John Davis Trucking won a motion last week that will enable them to depose Union Pacific workers. Judge Valerie Cooke granted the motion that will enable the trucking company’s lawyers to ask whether the warning system motor was tampered with and that the crossing gate was quickly replaced. Union Pacific disagrees with the judge’s ruling and John Davis trucking’s assertion that the railroad line is culpable for the crash.

NV-Attorney is the Northern Nevada arm of top ranked Las Vegas personal injury law firm, Benson and Bingham. In 2010, we secured over $24,000,000 for our clients, helping them with the financial burdens that arise from Washoe County commercial vehicle collisions, Reno auto accidents and Nevada wrongful deaths. We also offer our clients our exclusive happiness guarantee where after the successful completion of your case you are not happy with your bill, we will work with you to determine a fee structure you approve of.


Nevada Recalls Announced for Defective Children’s Products

Parents across the United States and Nevada want the best for their children. They work hard to get money to pay for food, shelter, clothing, toys and entertainment. When the same parents hear about a recall of a child’s toy or clothing, they understandably get very upset. The last thing they want is a defective product injury from something they brought in the home for their child. If your child has been injured by defective toys or clothing in Nevada, log onto for a free legal consultation. Our Nevada licensed personal injury attorneys have the expeience to help you recover money for lost work, healthcare costs and even pain and suffering.

Today’s announcement from the Consumer Product Safety Commission and Troxel of defective swing sets is one of those consumer product recalls destined to vex parents across the Silver State. The Tennessee based manufacturer of swing sets, helmets and more recalled the 11 models of swing sets when it learned of nearly 1300 injures on the attached see saws. It seems the plastic seats on the see saws can crack and cause users to fall. The swing sets with model names, Fun Fantastic, Big Adventure, Fun Fantastic II, Backyard Fun, Backyard Flyer, Windsor II, Backyard Swingin’ Fun, Fantastic Playground, Fun Time , Triple Fun II and Triple Fun were sold for approximately $130 to $280 at Toys R Us, Walmart and online. Over 100000 swing sets with defective see saws were sold in the United States. The company is making available a repair kit for free to consumer who bought the defective slides. To receive the repair kit, consumers are asked to call 888-770-7060 during business hours. If your child was injured by a defective Troxel swing set in Las Vegas, can represent you. is a joint venture of personal injury law firms across Nevada. We are dedicated to helping people recover from catastrophic injury accidents. Our cooperative agreements enable us to represent clients across the state in Reno defective product injury cases, Las Vegas automobile accidents and more.


One Year After Catastrophic Reno, NV Train Crash, No Charges Filed, No Changes To Intersection

It has been over a year since the deadly Amtrak train accident in Northern Nevada, where dozens were injured and six people were killed. At this time, no one has been arrested and the dangerous intersection which was part of the crash still has not been upgraded or redesigned. In fact, in April another catastrophic train accident almost happened, however, the truck driver was able to stop before hitting the tracks. If you have been injured in a Northern Nevada  semi truck and train accident, and wish to recover money for lost work, medical costs and pain and suffering, log onto today.

Last year, on June 24th, Lawrence Vallie was driving a tractor trailer north on US 95 when he approached the train crossing. He was not able to stop his truck and he skidded through the safety gates. He smashed into the second and third cars of the train which erupted into flames. 218 passengers were on the train and many jumped from their passenger cars as smoke and flames spread from the first two cars. The train, travelling at almost 80 miles per hour took nearly a half-mile to come to a stop. If you were injured in a Sierra Nevada Commercial truck crash, log onto today for a free legal consultation.

NV-Attorney is partnered with a number of top-tier Nevada personal injury law firms to provide consumers with the best possible representation for Reno 18-wheeler crash, Las Vegas personal injury and even casino accidents in properties owned or managed by Las Vegas gaming companies. Our Las Vegas firm, Benson and Bingham has been in business since 2003 and in 2010 and 2011 secured over $24,000,000 for their personal injury clients. This family owned Las Vegas personal injury law firm provides its customers with an exclusive happiness guarantee – should you feel our bill is unfair they will work with you to find a fee structure you think is appropriate.


Nevada Traffic Accidents Rise in 2012

The poor economy has ruined lives, with lost jobs, homes and broken marriages. However, the turn down in economic activity also brought multiple generations into the same home, caused some to rediscover the joys of a home cooked meal and finally saw a reduction in automobile deaths across much of the United States. Arizona, California and Hawaii actually saw an increase in traffic fatalities over 2011 while the New England states experienced a 7.3% drop in deaths in vehicle accidents. Traffic fatalities in Nevada also fell in 2011, where 243 people died in traffic accidents compared to 257 in 2010 from deaths in Nevada traffic accidents. If you or a loved one has been hurt or killed in a Nevada traffic accident, and would like to sue to recover lost work, medical costs and pain and suffering, contact NV-Attorney  today for a free legal consultation.

Southern Nevada traffic deaths so far in the first quarter of 2012, however, have jumped nearly 25%. Correspondingly, in Southern Nevada and Las Vegas, there has been a significant rise (almost 100%) for pedestrian accidents so far this year. If you are the victim of a Nevada automobile accident, NV-Attorney will work with local courts and insurance companies to get you the reimbursement you deserve.

On Sunday, a woman, aged 60 was killed when she was struck by a car while she was crossing West Sahara Avenue in Las Vegas are 5 o’clock in the morning. The woman, named Amezquita Pamatz  was struck by a 2010 Nissan Altima. The Altima had a green light when it crossed the intersection and struck Ms. Pamatz. The 60-year old woman was transported to UMC and pronounced dead at the hospital.

The attorneys at NV-Attorney work across the Silver State to ensure people injured in Southern Nevada traffic accidents receive all the compensation they deserve.