Vehicle Accident in Reno, Nevada

When you see the pictures and video from a news report on this Reno car crash, it’s hard to believe that, as the news story mentions, no injuries were sustained. One car is fully on its side and looking quite crushed in the middle of the freeway. The accident was reportedly on Interstate 395 in the area of the Oddie Boulevard exit. The accident occurred this evening just a little while before 7:30 in the evening. Multiple lanes were closed due to the accident and the emergency response. The Nevada Highway Patrol is the law enforcement agency reporting that no injuries were sustained in the accident. The freeway has since reopened. The closure of lanes and diversion of vehicles onto the shoulder made the commute very difficult this evening, as any accident usually does especially on that stretch of road.

What happens if you’re in an accident and the police determine that there were “no injuries,” but a few days later or a day later or a week later you start to feel pain? The most common locations for that pain to occur are the head, neck and back areas. This is common of a whiplash injury in Nevada. These often devastating injuries can take time to manifest, after the shock and adrenaline and all that wears off following an accident. And just because they are later to manifest doesn’t make them any less painful or costly than an immediate fracture or other more easily noticeable injury.

“The neck is a very fragile and unique area of the body as it contains the cervical vertebrae. The cervical region of the neck is the most common injury area in automobile accidents. The syndrome Las Vegas personal injury attorneys deal with frequently is known as whiplash where the neck is thrown in multiple directions shifting the normal curve of the spine and stretching ligaments and tendons. The human head weighs approximately 15 lbs and is supported by the spinal column. As we age, the bones become more brittle and actually calcify creating degeneration. This degeneration can become a catalyst for disc compression leading to nerve impingement, bulging discs, herniations, and annular tears. Just the same, these conditions can also be caused by trauma like a severe or moderate car accident . . . The most common injury in rear end car accidents are cervical sprain and strains. These injuries begin with a sharp pain in the neck, and continue with shoulder, trapezius, and upper back pain. Headaches can also be a classic symptom of cervical sprain. Most cervical strain and sprains will get better with time and are very responsive to therapy. Ice packs are a great idea to reduce the inflammation as well as plenty of rest. If you have been a victim of whiplash or a cervical neck injury, contact the Las Vegas personal injury offices of Benson & Bingham and ask for Joseph L. Benson II, Esq.: 702-382-9797 x. 226.”

Northern Nevada Injury Accident With Commercial Vehicle Near Dayton

Earlier today four people died and three were injured in a 3 car accident where one of the vehicles was a commercial livestock trailer. The accident happened around 9 a.m. this Tuesday near Dayton, NV on Highway 50. The livestock trailer was hauling 15 cattle at the time. Only one of the cows died in the accident although another bovine has significant injuries. A number of press reports of the accident state there may have been an explosion as well, but these have not been confirmed. If you were involved in a Washoe County accident with a commercial vehicle, the lawyers at NV-attorney can help you in your Nevada personal injury case.

One of the victims of the Northern Nevada big rig crash was rushed via helicopter to a local hospital. Due to the accident, Interstate 50 in Dayton was closed for much of the day. Drivers were sent on a 25-mile detour through Carson City, however, the highway was opened to traffic around 4p.m.

Benson and Bingham, through our offices in Reno, can help you in a Reno Big Rig and Semi Accident to recover the money you’ve not earned in lost work, spent on hospital bills or for pain and suffering. Commercial vehicle accidents can also have legal applicability with wrongful death cases, burn injuries, spinal and brain injuries and more.

NV-Attorney was started by the leading Las Vegas personal injury law firm, Benson and Bingham to help Northern Nevadans hurt in injury accidents to receive the reimbursements they deserve. Our Nevada licensed attorneys have experience in all types of injury accidents including wrongful death, casino slip and fall and head, neck and back injuries. We also offer our clients a happiness guarantee – if after you have received your final invoice for us, you are unhappy with the total fee, we will work with you to derive a cost structure you approve.


Las Vegas Children Unfortunately also a Product of Personal Injury and Accident Law

Recently, due to the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (CPSIA), the United States can proudly claim to be one of the international leaders in children’s product safety. Unfortunately, despite the number of precautions we take, and regardless of the care we give our children, injuries can still happen. As parents ourselves, we know the dangers our kids face today, and we understand the pain associated with the victimization of children. At times, our children do not get injured in our presence— injuries sustained by kids can occur at school, with a caretaker, on a school bus, or when they are on their own.

From riding bikes to playing with defective toys, our children face risks all around them. Injuries sustained by children can range from brain injury to broken limbs. Some of the most common injures are associated with:

  • Bike accidents
  • Defective toys
  • Falls
  • Burns
  • Car accidents
  • Defective safety products
  • Household chemical ingestion
  • Pool injuries
  • School bus injuries

In the case of less-severe injuries, children cannot always describe what is wrong or where it hurts. As parents, we rely on doctors to discover and diagnose serious conditions. Yet, when doctors do not recognize signs or dismiss a parent’s concerns without following up, a treatable condition can lead to a severe illness or lifelong disability. If you believe that your child’s physicians were careless in diagnosis, treatment, or surgery, or if the injuries sustained by your child were the cause of a defective product, the attorneys at Benson and Bingham have the experience and resources to explore your case.

As the most innocent and defenseless members of society, our children must be protected. We cannot let the negligence of others go without consequence. At Benson and Bingham we offer free consultations for any pediatric or child injury victims. We understand the pain and emotional toll that such injuries have on a family. We will fight for justice and get the compensation you need to cover the extensive medical costs associated with your child’s injuries. Please contact us today.

Nevada Spinal Cord Injury Victims Look No Further then Benson & Bingham

Spinal cord injuries can be some of the worst, dilapidating injuries one can experience. Many times these types of injuries can be permanent, and their spinal cord injury can lead to drastic changes in ones’ life.  Motor vehicle collisions, acts of violence, sports-related injuries, slip and falls, and other incidents that cause injury or compression to the nerve cells of the spinal cord are some of the main causes of spinal cord injuries and may effect the brain as well. Approximately 250,000 Americans currently suffer from some form of spinal cord injuries, and there are about 11,000 new cases every year in the US.

More than 50% of all spinal cord injuries result in quadriplegia, which usually requires an average hospital stay of 95 days and costs approximately $120,000 in medical expenses. The total monetary expense related to a spinal cord injury depends upon many factors, including the age of the victim at the time of the accident. For an individual who sustains a spinal cord injury at the age of 25, the average lifetime medical cost for quadriplegia will be around $1.35 million. The average age of victims is 30 years old, and only 51 percent of injured individuals are covered by private health insurance. The monetary figures mentioned only represent medical costs and do not take into account the physical and emotional pain and suffering of the victims, the loss of wages, and the financial and emotional burdens that the spinal cord injury places on the victims’ family members.

A spinal cord injury case can be very complicated, and you need experienced and aggressive attorneys to successfully handle your Nevada spinal cord injury case. The law firm of Benson and Bingham has the experience that is required to successfully represent challenging spinal cord injuries. Benson and Bingham is a family owned and run personal injury law firm that handles Las Vegas injury accidents. Our attorneys base their success on the relationships we build with our clients and can be seen by the over $24,000,000 we were able to secure for our clients in 2010 and 2011. Contact us today for a free consultation!