One Year After Catastrophic Reno, NV Train Crash, No Charges Filed, No Changes To Intersection

It has been over a year since the deadly Amtrak train accident in Northern Nevada, where dozens were injured and six people were killed. At this time, no one has been arrested and the dangerous intersection which was part of the crash still has not been upgraded or redesigned. In fact, in April another catastrophic train accident almost happened, however, the truck driver was able to stop before hitting the tracks. If you have been injured in a Northern Nevada  semi truck and train accident, and wish to recover money for lost work, medical costs and pain and suffering, log onto today.

Last year, on June 24th, Lawrence Vallie was driving a tractor trailer north on US 95 when he approached the train crossing. He was not able to stop his truck and he skidded through the safety gates. He smashed into the second and third cars of the train which erupted into flames. 218 passengers were on the train and many jumped from their passenger cars as smoke and flames spread from the first two cars. The train, travelling at almost 80 miles per hour took nearly a half-mile to come to a stop. If you were injured in a Sierra Nevada Commercial truck crash, log onto today for a free legal consultation.

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Nevada Man Killed in Lake Mead Tunnel Construction Accident

Yet another person has been injured and another killed in a Lake Mead tunnel project accident yesterday. The name of the man killed is Thomas Turner, aged 44. The cause of death is still pending. The Lake Mead tunnel is being built to transport more water from the Boulder City, NV reservoir to drought stricken Las Vegas. This is the third tunnel from the man-made lake to bring drinking water to Southern Nevada. Lake Mead was created in 1936 when the Hoover Dam was built by the US Government. If you have been injured or had a relative killed in a Nevada workplace accident, do not accept the initial offer from your employer or their insurance company. Our Nevada licensed personal injury attorneys at have the skills and experience to ensure you get the money you deserve.

Mr. Turner was killed when the support rings for the 20’ tunnel loosened and pressurized grout was sprayed on both the deceased and another construction worker. The second man, whose name was not released only suffered minor injuries. There was no flooding, the tunnel did not collapse and no other workers were trapped or injured. If you or a relative have been injured or killed in a Clark County workplace accident and have had trouble securing workmen’s compensation benefits, log onto NV-Attorney for a free legal consultation today. Our personal injury attorneys also handle Nevada wrongful death cases from workplace injuries, casino slip and fall incidents or car accidents.

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