Nevada Traffic Accidents Rise in 2012

The poor economy has ruined lives, with lost jobs, homes and broken marriages. However, the turn down in economic activity also brought multiple generations into the same home, caused some to rediscover the joys of a home cooked meal and finally saw a reduction in automobile deaths across much of the United States. Arizona, California and Hawaii actually saw an increase in traffic fatalities over 2011 while the New England states experienced a 7.3% drop in deaths in vehicle accidents. Traffic fatalities in Nevada also fell in 2011, where 243 people died in traffic accidents compared to 257 in 2010 from deaths in Nevada traffic accidents. If you or a loved one has been hurt or killed in a Nevada traffic accident, and would like to sue to recover lost work, medical costs and pain and suffering, contact NV-Attorney  today for a free legal consultation.

Southern Nevada traffic deaths so far in the first quarter of 2012, however, have jumped nearly 25%. Correspondingly, in Southern Nevada and Las Vegas, there has been a significant rise (almost 100%) for pedestrian accidents so far this year. If you are the victim of a Nevada automobile accident, NV-Attorney will work with local courts and insurance companies to get you the reimbursement you deserve.

On Sunday, a woman, aged 60 was killed when she was struck by a car while she was crossing West Sahara Avenue in Las Vegas are 5 o’clock in the morning. The woman, named Amezquita Pamatz  was struck by a 2010 Nissan Altima. The Altima had a green light when it crossed the intersection and struck Ms. Pamatz. The 60-year old woman was transported to UMC and pronounced dead at the hospital.

The attorneys at NV-Attorney work across the Silver State to ensure people injured in Southern Nevada traffic accidents receive all the compensation they deserve.

Information on Recently Recalled Products That Endanger Nevadans Across The State

Multiple product recalls announced recently pose injury and possible death concerns for many Nevadans. These product recalls of over thousands of shipped and were possibly sold by many Silver State retailers. If you have been injured by a defective product sold in Nevada, contact for a free legal consultation today.

One of the recalls announced recently poses significant danger to Nevada’s toddlers. Target recently recalled 264,000 bunny rabbit shaped sippy cups, sold in light blue and pink. The bunny sippy cups, which sold for $3, pose an eye poking danger to young children. The left sippy cup’s bunny ear pokes up as far as the sippy cups straw, and has the potential to poke a toddler in the eye. The products can be returned to one of the 19 target locations across Nevada. If your child has been harmed by a recalled product sold in Nevada, log onto

Nebraska lawn mower manufacturer, Exmark, recently announced the recall of 2,200 42” Quest Riding Lawn mowers. Fasteners supporting the driver’s seat can fail, which would cause the seat to fall and cause the driver to lose control of the riding lawn mower. The riding lawn mowers retailed between $4200 and $4400 at the nearly 10 Exmark dealers in and around Nevada. Exmark dealers are providing free repairs to owners of the Quest 42” Riding Lawn Mowers. Consumers should call 800-667-5296 or head to to schedule a repair. If you have been injured or had a family member killed by a Nevada defective product, log onto to begin recouping money spent on medical costs, lost work and for pain and suffering.

Finally, as the weather across the State of Nevada improves, and the calendar turns to summer, consumers are warned to check on whether the summer associated products they are taking out of storage have been subject to a recall. About 90,000 STOK gas grills sold in the more than twenty Home Depot retailers across Nevada. Contact One World Technologies toll free at 800-867-964 for information about returning your grill