NTSB Releases Report on June 2011 Reno Train/Semi-Truck Accident

The National Transportation Safety Board has finally release its report on the tragic semi-truck train accident just outside Reno that killed 6 people June of last year. The crash also injured dozens of people. If you have been injured in a commercial truck accident in Northern Nevada, contact NV-Attorney, the Northern Nevada arm of Las Vegas’ premiere personal injury firm, Benson and Bingham.

The NTSB report includes statements from a witness that said he didn’t believe the driver of the Peterbilt tractor trailer, Lawrence Valli, had any idea he was approaching a speeding oncoming train. The witness reports also state that the train crossing’s safety features like cross arms and flashing lights were in working order.

The report from the NTSB is only a compendium of data associated with the Northern Nevada big rig accident, and provides no analysis or states any opinion of fault in the crash. The NTSB basically accepts and uses all witness reports and forensic data as it investigates a crash.

John Davis Trucking, the firm that owned the Peterbilt big rig and employed the 43-year old now deceased truck driver in the accident, attests that safety features at the railroad crossing were not functioning and were repaired by Union Pacific Railroad employees. If you have been injured in a Reno Semi truck accident, contact NV-Attorney today.

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Reno Injury Car Accidents Increase Due To Interstate 80 Construction

An 11-car pileup last March has brought to light the large number of Northern Nevada car accidents on Interstate 80. Many of the accidents are directly due to the 17 months of construction on the highway that links The Biggest Little City with San Francisco and Sacramento to the West and Salt Lake City to the East. A recent study by the Reno Gazette Journal has shown that since the construction that started on Interstate 80 17 months ago Reno injury car crashes have increased on the highway by 45 percent. If you or a family member has been hurt in an automobile accident in Washoe County, NV-Attorney can help you recover money spent on medical bills, for lost work and even pain and suffering.

The RGJ also found that since the construction on Highway 80 started injury crashes have averages approximately 8.3 each month. Before the construction started the average was 5.7 monthly. Rear end crashes have also increased. Currently 5.7 rear end crashes are occurring a month on average. The month before construction started on Interstate 80, the average was 3.5 rear-end crashes monthly. As construction has stretched from the highway to down on and off ramps to city streets, injury accidents have increased in the area around Interstate 80 by nearly twenty percent. The majority of accidents have occurred in areas where the majority of construction has been. On the Eastbound side of the highway, the increase in crashes have occurred between Wells Ave and the Spaghetti Bowl. Westbound crashes have increases between Wells Ave and The Ralston St. overpass. .

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Widow Of Reno Man Killed By Reno Police Wants Answers

A shooting by officers of the Reno police force last May continues to receive attention in local Washoe County Media. On May 18, 41-year old Jace Herndon who was unarmed, was shot when fleeing police in foot after he was stopped driving a stolen car. After being pulled over by Reno police, Mr. Herndon ran from Wingfield Park in Reno to Court and Arlington St., .2 miles away, where he was shot dead. Mr. Herndon’s widow, Jessica Adair-Herndon, has expressed dismay that neither the Reno PD’s internal affairs department nor the medical examiner have released reports on the Washoe County wrongful death. The officers involved in the incident were back on the street in late May

Ms. Adair-Herndon does not dispute that her husband should have been arrested for driving the stolen vehicle. In fact, Mr. Herndon has previously been convicted of four felonies. In addition to the felony convictions Mr. Herndon’s record also includes convictions for six misdemeanors and three gross misdemeanors. One of the convictions was for illegal possession of an unlicensed AK47 machine gun. Witnesses accounts to the possible Reno wrongful death shooting have varied, with some saying there were four shots, others saying there were 7.

There were two other individuals in the car with Mr. Herndon, and both were arrested during the incident. Both were released from jail in late May.

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Judge Grants Trucking Company’s Motion In Reno Amtrak Accident Case

In June 2011, an AMTRACK train crashed into a semi truck that was attempting to stop his speeding truck, Five passengers on the train headed to San Fruancsico were killed, as well as Lawrence Valli , the driver of the big rig truck. Approximately 20 to 30 people were injured in the crash. The NTSB (the United States National Transportation Safety Board) is still investigating the cause of the accident. The rail line is operated by Union Pacific Railroad and the trucking company who owned the truck is John Davis Trucking. If you have been injured or had a relative killed in a Reno semi-truck accident, NV-Attorney can represent you in your personal injury case.

John Davis Trucking alleges that the crash was caused by defective warning gates that did not give Mr. Valli enough time to stop his truck safely and bear responsibility for the accident. The trucking company also alleges that workers for the Union Pacific Railroad tampered with and destroyed evidence of the rail operator’s culpability after the Northern Nevada big rig crash. John Davis Trucking won a motion last week that will enable them to depose Union Pacific workers. Judge Valerie Cooke granted the motion that will enable the trucking company’s lawyers to ask whether the warning system motor was tampered with and that the crossing gate was quickly replaced. Union Pacific disagrees with the judge’s ruling and John Davis trucking’s assertion that the railroad line is culpable for the crash.

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