Taxi Rider Pays for Her Own Injuries after Accident in Las Vegas

A woman from Florida learned the hard way about a loophole in Taxi Cab Law in the State of Nevada.  Kathy Graves was injured in a Yellow Checker Cab taxi on New Year’s morning on they way from the airport to her parent’s home in Eastern Las Vegas.  Little did she know that the taxi wasn’t carrying uninsured motorist insurance at the time of the accident.

On the way from McCarran International Airport the cab was struck by a van that ran a red light at Charleston Boulevard and Maryland Parkway.  The driver of the taxi was taken to a local hospital and Graves, who wasn’t wearing her seat belt, crashed into the back of the taxi  driver’s seat.  Although she wasn’t treated at any hospital, she sustained injuries to her hand and fingers.

Under Nevada  Laws and governed by the Transportation Safety Administration, the Nevada Taxi Authority does not require taxis, including other public transport vehicles, are not required to have uninsured-motorist insurance.  Nevada is not alone in this respect, as other large metro areas including San Francisco and New York similarly do not require cabs to carry uninsured motorist insurance.

As a tourist Mecca, Las Vegas has thousands of public transportation accidents, including taxi, limo and buses ferry passengers to and from the airport, convention centers and hotels.  While many accidents are covered by insurance or don’t result in injury, there are sometimes cases where a passenger doesn’t understand their legal rights.  The most important step is contacing a legal entity that understands Taxi  Cab Law in the State of Nevada:  the Law Offices of Benson & Bingham.

Bus Accident Kills Seven, Injures Nine Other near Hoover Dam

A bus carry 16 passengers had a tragic accident Friday afternoon when it overturned after a crossing a medium near Hover Dam.  Several of the passengers were ejected from the bus, killing seven of the passengers and injuring the others.

According the authorities survivors were air lifted to University Medical Center, Sunrise Hospitall, Kingman Regional Medical Center in Arizona, but not before TV News cameras and other mobile devices caught and transmitted the horrifying events.  Several bodies were struin across the street, and others were visibly in pain and agony after the bus accident.  The cause of the bus accident is yet to be determined.

Many of the victims couldn’t speak English, making consoling them even more difficlut.  If you or a loved one was injured or died wrongfully from the accident, contact the Law Offices of Benson & Bingham for compassionate representation.  The attorneys will resolutely pursue all means to ensure your rights and economic compensation can provide for the families mourning their losses.

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