Pedestrian Severely Injured in Sparks, Nevada

A pedestrian was seriously injured in Sparks, Nevada yesterday when she was hit by a vehicle as she was crossing the street. The woman was said to have been in a marked crosswalk at the time of the accident. She was specifically said to be crossing at 9th Street and C heading north. The accident occurred around 3am in the morning yesterday as she was struck by the van, said to have been a 1990 GMC made vehicle. The driver of the van has not yet been charged with a crime, though police stressed that an investigation is ongoing and results so far were too preliminary to have made any arrests or conclusions in this Northern Nevada pedestrian accident. That generally means that police do not suspect alcohol to have been a major factor, as that is something they usually look for first in the parties involved in a vehicle or pedestrian accident in the Reno area, and all of Nevada and perhaps the country.

The woman, a 49 year old, was rushed to Renown Regional Medical Center. She was found at the scene to be unresponsive and exhibiting clear head injuries when first responders arrived. She was on life support at last report we had. We are certainly praying, with any number of people, that she pulls through with no lasting injuries, scars, or general impediments to life. We have seen too many people that that was not the case for, and we understand the import and consequences as well as anyone, at least anyone who has had to deal with that themselves personally. Benson & Bingham’s top pedestrian accident attorneys in Nevada take pride in helping people who have injured, or the families of people killed, and in making their lives just a little bit easier in such a trying time. We strive for our clients to be both satisfied with their financial outcome and their client service, whatever their needs were.

Some clients prefer to be in the know on every little detail. Some people we help just want periodic updates or questions answered in a timely fashion. Still others like to be bothered as little as possible with the legal details, and just want us to take care of their legal issues and intrude on their lives as little as possible. Benson & Bingham are happy to accommodate each and every client’s preferences. We give our lawyers’ direct phone number to their clients so there’s no secretary to screen you, which is exactly the way we want it.

Nevada News on Vehicle Deaths from Faulty GM Ignition Switches

News continues to break in Northern Nevada about car accidents from GM ignition switch malfunctions. These cases are occurring all over the country, and the news is coming in from different directions. Just today, news broke in a case in Georgia, where a family had settled a wrongful death case against General Motors for five million dollars. Though this case had been settled since last year, they claim that new evidence has come to light that the giant car manufacturer had hidden evidence in the case which would have made for either a different, better settlement for the family, or a higher likelihood that the family would have chosen not to settle but instead air their complaint in front of a jury. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident in Nevada caused by a faulty ignition switch in a GM vehicle, or in any kind of accident where the cause might be due to faulty manufacturing and a possible case of product liability in Nevada, Benson & Bingham Attorneys at Law can help. Contact us today for a free consultation.

The news in the case today was a judge in Georgia denied the motion from General Motors to throw out this previously settled case. The family of the woman who died, Brooke Melton, a nurse in Atlanta, is bringing back up their wrongful death charge against the company based on this reportedly new evidence they say GM held back before, which would be fraud. The case stems from the death of the 29 year old Melton, who her family said died in a car accident because the power to the car shut off due to the faulty switch, which made her crash through being unable to control the vehicle.

Any time a company makes a product that does you harm or causes the death of a loved one, that company may be liable for damages. Particularly if the company knew about the defect and said nothing, or should have known about the defect as any reasonable person would have. If you’ve been injured by a faulty product in Southern or Northern Nevada, contact Benson & Bingham today. We work with top notch experts in every field to help determine liability, and can get you the compensation you deserve if your situation was the fault of a third party. Contact us today for a free consult.