Car and Airplane Accident Near Reno Injures 4

We see plenty of airplane accidents in Nevada as we write about frequently on our Las Vegas injury and accident blog. We see air accidents up here in Northern Nevada as well, just perhaps not as frequently. We see plenty of car accidents in both Southern Nevada and Northern Nevada. What we don’t often see is an accident involving an airplane and vehicle, much less one where no one was killed. But that’s exactly what happened just a few days ago as an airplane made an emergency landing on Pyramid Highway, where it caused a vehicle accident and four reportedly minor injuries. Considering how most plane crashes end, these folks are lucky to be alive. That doesn’t mean the injuries don’t turn out to be more serious, long lasting, and expensive. That’s why savvy individuals make sure to call top Nevada injury lawyers Benson & Bingham right away after an accident. The sooner we get on the case the more likely you are to receive a very favorable outcome – how things are handled early in the process makes a big difference. Contact us today for a free consultation.

This Nevada airplane and vehicle accident occurred on July 26, just a few days ago. An experimental small airplane, said to be a type of Thunder Mustang, began losing power shortly after taking off from Stead Airport. The plane, on its way to South Dakota, had to make an emergency landing at the nearest workable landing strip, in this case, Nevada Route 445 on a somewhat remote stretch 30 minutes or so north of Reno. It was at this time that the plane struck a truck that was on the road, causing injuries to the two people in the truck as well as the two people in the airplane. There is no word on whether the airplane pilot will be given a Nevada speeding ticket for excess speed on the roadway!

If you’re injured in any type of accident like this, Benson & Bingham can help. We help people just like you who have been injured in accidents in Las Vegas, Northern Nevada, and all over the state. We pride ourselves on not only the outcome of the case but on how you feel your experience was – we strive for customer service in a way that many law firms unfortunately do not. Contact Benson & Bingham today for a free consultation to discuss your legal situation, and learn your rights.

1 Dead in Plane Crash near Northern Nevada

A recent plane crash accident near Reno claimed the life of one man, and critically injured another. The plane went down with just those two people aboard a little ways away from Truckee, California. The plane, a Piper PA-46 Malibu, was found crashed near the Nevada-California border. The plane was supposed to have crashed around 11 o’clock in the morning, and was first seen just before noon by a helicopter flown by the CHP. The deceased was already dead at the scene by the time rescue vehicles arrived. Rescue personal took the other man, in critical condition, back out to better transportation via a Sno-Cat, a process which took over than an hour’s time.

If a loved one of yours is killed in an accident like this and another party is at fault, you could have a wrongful death case in Northern Nevada against the negligent party. No amount of compensation will bring back your loved one, but your recovery and healing will be made just slightly less awful by not having to deal with mounting bills for medical or emergency services for their accident, handling their estate and funeral costs, not to mention the costs of taking time off to process and handle the whole, terrible situation. Benson & Bingham Attorneys at Law can help if need help covering those costs after a family member has died in an accident in Reno that was caused by another party or person.

Air accidents can occur for any number of reasons. Sometimes, they are truly just accidents. Weather blows in quickly and viciously, birds or any other truly unforeseen or preventable situation arises. But often times, we have seen, it is due to any of the following, separately or in combination: equipment malfunction, improper maintenance, faulty instruments, or pilot error.

These are the types of things that could be due to the gross negligence of a company or individual. You won’t know until you talk to a lawyer. That’s why at Benson & Bingham Attorneys at Law, we offer free consultations so you can come talk to our experienced Nevada lawyers to learn your legal options and rights. Benson & Bingham practices Northern and Southern Nevada air accident law, and we know what to look for. Come visit with us today.

Reno Plane Crash Story Detailed

There was recently some more press for terrible airplane crashes in Northern Nevada. A headline about an airplane accident in Reno that was part of a documentary called Sole Survivor” put on by CNN. Honestly, when we first read the words “Reno Airplane Crash” we wondered, thinking of the recent air accident at the Reno Air Races in Stead, how it was called that. We suppose that’s a function of how many air accidents in Washoe County occur here, and result in terribly injuries and deaths. This documentary was about something else, though, a plane crash in 1985 where everyone on board was killed, but this one boy who was 17 years old at the time of the crash. If you’re injured, or like this young man a loved one is killed in an air accident near Reno, Benson & Bingham Attorneys at Law can help. Unfortunately, these type of accidents and injuries happen frequently enough around here that we know the subject. The case can have any number of possible negligent parties, from the maintenance to the parts manufacturing to pilot or air traffic control error. Sometimes accidents happen that are nobody’s fault. But if you were damaged by a plane crash in Northern Nevada that was due to someone else’s bad conduct, you can get compensation to help you move on from the tragedy. Benson & Bingham can help, contact us today for a free consultation.

This story and now documentary film focuses on the life of this then boy and now man who was the only survivor on this plane crash in Reno that killed 70 other people, and two other individuals who also were in similar situations, one from Colorado and one from France. The French survivor must be fairly recent since she is described as a child. The other was a pilot. There are also plenty more people in Reno who were injured or had loved ones killed in the recent Reno Air Races National Championship accident that happened almost two years ago. If you’re injured in an accident in Northern Nevada, whether in a plane crash or a more normal car accident, Benson & Bingham Attorneys at Law can help. Contact us today for a free consultation. We do air accident law in Southern Nevada as well, as there are also a number of accidents from all the extra tourist and military aviation around there.

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Nevada Vehicle Deaths Surpass National Average in CDC Study

Northern Nevada and Southern Nevada surpass the national average in vehicle deaths in a recent CDC report on non-natural deaths across the United States. Nevada led in all categories including drug overdoses, vehicle accidents and suicide. The Silver State’s drug deaths come from a litany of substances including alcohol and prescription opiates. In fact, prescription pain killers were twice as responsible for Nevada deaths as other drugs like heroin and cocaine combined. For the 10 years studied by the CDC, there were over 4,300 deaths due to vehicle crashes. Some of these were Reno motorcycle accidents; others were Northern Nevada car crashes, others were pedestrian deaths, ATVs, bus accidents and even airplane and helicopter crashes. If you have been injured or had a relative killed in a Reno automobile accident, go to today to book your free legal consultation.

While Nevada had 16.9 deaths per every 100,000 people over the 1999-2009 timeframe, the United States averaged 15.6 deaths per 100,000. Nevada is a large state, however, and for miles traveled in the Silver State, Nevada actually ranks significantly lower for Nevada automobile deaths. Drunk and drugged driving is one of the primary factors in Nevada automobile accident deaths. Other contributing factors to Northern Nevada automobile deaths include speeding, poor road conditions and distracted driving. Nevada’s Department of Transportation is working to reduce these vehicle deaths with a number of driver education and enforcement efforts including Joining Forces, increased DUI checkpoints and seatbelt use educational programs.

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Five Killed in South Lake Tahoe Plane Crash

Five people were killed in a South Lake Tahoe plane accident Saturday evening. The crash and resulting 1 acre fire will necessitate that the people killed in this South Lake Tahoe wrongful death accident be identified through dental records. The plane that crashed was a Piper PA32-. In 2005, the same plane was involved in a crash on the Emerald Coast of Florida. The plane was registered to Francisco De La Mora from Fresno, CA. Jose Lopez, a spokesman for Jdm Transport, a transportation corporation owned by Mr. De La Mora, said the Fresno area business man had taken his wife, his daughter and a couple friends to Lake Tahoe on a day trip. We agree with the sentiments of the Claire Fortier, Mayor of South Lake Tahoe, as we at offer our sympathies for the families involved in this Northern California airplane tragedy.

NV-Attorney is the Northern Nevada arm of the Las Vegas personal injury law firm, Benson and Bingham. We specialize in Northern Nevada Automobile crashes, casino and other premises liability accidents and Washoe County wrongful death cases. Our Nevada licensed attorneys have significant experience negotiating with insurance companies to ensure our clients receive the best possible remuneration for doctor’s bills, lost work, compensatory damages and pain and suffering. In 2010 and 2011, we secured over $24,000,000 in personal injury damages reimbursements. When we begin a case, we work very closely with our clients, and develop strong relationships with them that last for years.

The South Lake Tahoe airplane crash comes almost a year after the fatal crash at the Reno Air Races in 2011. The Reno wrongful death airplane crash from last September resulted in the death of 11 people and injured 69 people. The Reno Air Races crash occurred when a P-51D Mustang, piloted by Jimmy Leeward crashed to the ground in a crowd of spectators.