Excessive Speed may have caused Semi Accident on Highway 20 near Nevada City

Highway 20 was blocked for almost three hours on Thursday after a Big Rig overturned blocking traffic near Nevada City.  Two men, who we driving the semi when the accident occurred, where flown to Trauma Centers in Northern Nevada.

The passenger was listed in stable condition, however the driver, who was found on the side of the road with possible head injuries, is believed to be in a more critical condition.  The 45 foot trailer loaded with pet food overturned Thursday mid morning on Harmony Ridge Road which caused a shut down of traffic in both directions.

The Nevada County Sheriff’s Office, CHP, Nevada City Police and Fire and Calfire, among others, were called to the scene of the semi accident to assist with rerouting traffic and clearing the accident from the roads.  CHP were investigating the accident for violations; the accident occurred on a windy section of the freeway with a steep degrade which may indicate the truck was traveling at excessive speeds when the accident occurred.

Semi, Commercial Truck and Big Rig accidents are not new to Nevada freeways.  As the area has grown, so has the preponderance of commercial vehicle accidents within Nevada.  Often times, truck or semi accidents are caused from driver negligence or impairment and a qualified attorney in this arena  is necessary.

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