Exploding Ammo in Reno Car Accident

We hope you weren’t unlucky enough to be travelling either direction on Interstate 580/US395 this last week, specifically on the 22nd, whether you were in the terrible vehicle accident in Reno that happened that day or not. If you were in the accident, at least you got away without major injuries, at least according to recent reports of this Northern Nevada car accident. The collision that involved four vehicles directly, three of which had to be taken away by a tow truck, happened at the spaghetti bowl, as so many do. One vehicle, said to have been a Jeep Grand Cherokee, attempted to make a last minute exit onto Interstate 80, which involved zagging quickly across multiple lanes of traffic to attempt to make the exit. Instead of making this exit this driver made a mess by first hitting a road barrier, then spinning out of control and hitting a Subaru Outback. The collision brought both vehicles to a sputtering stop near the right shoulder and out of the way, however, that didn’t stop more mayhem from ensuing in this car accident in Washoe County. If you’re injured in an accident like this, contact Benson & Bingham Attorneys at Law today.

At this point, the Outback station wagon caught fire. Furthermore, in the same area, a quick dangerous lane change by the driver of a Lexus SUV and allegedly sideswiped another vehicle. It is unclear if this accident was related to the first, or merely the fault of reckless driving in Nevada. One more thing happened that we have not seen before in car accidents in Las Vegas: the fire in the Subaru is said to have set off a bunch of rounds of pistol ammunition that were stored in the trunk, causing NHP and emergency responders to have to take greater care, and shut down more lanes of traffic.

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