Injury Accident in Carson City Due to Road Rage

Earlier this month in a Northern Nevada car crash, we saw how angry emotions on the road can lead to a potentially life- threatening vehicle accident situation. Apparently, a man from Fernley, NV had to be taken to Renown Medical Center after an accident that occurred in Carson City. This story is a great example of how a little frustration on the road can escalate into something neither party probably ever wanted to get involved in.

This Northern Nevada car accident occurred on Interstate 580 in Carson City, and the drivers involved were operating vehicles, and their tempers, fast enough to be in need of Nevada speeding tickets. The 52 year old driver of a burgundy Nissan Truck and the 41 year old Fernley man in a white dodge truck allegedly began by flipping each other off, which then went further. According to Nevada Highway Patrol officers who were on the scene after the accident occurred, the driver of the white Dodge swerved his vehicle towards the driver of the burgundy Nissan, which caused him to lose control of his own truck, which eventually rolled into the southern bound lane of US- 50. The Dodge hit a barrier wall and flipped, ending up upside down.

The driver of the white Dodge truck was recorded as having critical injuries, while the driver of the Burgundy Nissan truck was not injured, as well as his 61 year old female passenger, who luckily went unaffected by the drivers’ angry reactions.

We’ve all been there, another driver cuts us off in traffic and we have the sudden urge to ride their bumper until the next exit to give them a piece of our minds. Most of us have also been the driver that occasionally makes a silly mistake and manages to anger a fellow driver, who then in turn gives us the middle finger through their passenger window. Hopefully though, we try to never let these situations escalate dangerously. If you or a loved one have fallen victim to an injury accident in Southern or Northern Nevada as a result of someone’s road rage, please contact Benson & Bingham for your free consultation. In fact, if you’ve been involved in any kind of auto accident in Nevada, contact Benson & Bingham to get the compensation and advice you need.

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