Northern Nevada Injury Accident With Commercial Vehicle Near Dayton

Earlier today four people died and three were injured in a 3 car accident where one of the vehicles was a commercial livestock trailer. The accident happened around 9 a.m. this Tuesday near Dayton, NV on Highway 50. The livestock trailer was hauling 15 cattle at the time. Only one of the cows died in the accident although another bovine has significant injuries. A number of press reports of the accident state there may have been an explosion as well, but these have not been confirmed. If you were involved in a Washoe County accident with a commercial vehicle, the lawyers at NV-attorney can help you in your Nevada personal injury case.

One of the victims of the Northern Nevada big rig crash was rushed via helicopter to a local hospital. Due to the accident, Interstate 50 in Dayton was closed for much of the day. Drivers were sent on a 25-mile detour through Carson City, however, the highway was opened to traffic around 4p.m.

Benson and Bingham, through our offices in Reno, can help you in a Reno Big Rig and Semi Accident to recover the money you’ve not earned in lost work, spent on hospital bills or for pain and suffering. Commercial vehicle accidents can also have legal applicability with wrongful death cases, burn injuries, spinal and brain injuries and more.

NV-Attorney was started by the leading Las Vegas personal injury law firm, Benson and Bingham to help Northern Nevadans hurt in injury accidents to receive the reimbursements they deserve. Our Nevada licensed attorneys have experience in all types of injury accidents including wrongful death, casino slip and fall and head, neck and back injuries. We also offer our clients a happiness guarantee – if after you have received your final invoice for us, you are unhappy with the total fee, we will work with you to derive a cost structure you approve.


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