Reno Tragedies Bring Area Together

The Reno, Nevada area has had more than its fair share of tragedies in the past few months. In Late June, an Amtrak train crashed into a truck stuck on train tracks, killing 6, including the truck driver and the train conductor.  In September, a three were killed and six were wounded in a shooting at a Carson City IHOP. In mid-September, 11 people were killed when a modified P-51 Mustang crashed during the Reno Air Races.

November and January saw horrific fires race across South Reno. The November Reno fire, caused by arching power lines, destroyed 26 homes, burning 2,000 acres and killing one. In January, 29 homes were destroyed, another person was killed and 4,000 acres were burned. Investigators believe the cause of the fire was improperly disposed of fireplace ashes.

The Reno, Nevada area has responded very well to these tragedies. After each one, hundreds of people donated blood at area hospitals. During the Air Race crash, civilians rushed to aid those injured, providing comfort to and triaging wounded even before first responders arrived.  During the Reno fires, evacuation centers at local high schools received donations of blankets, toiletries and more by the thousands. Individuals across the city opened their homes to those displaced by the fires. Even local area hotels offered special rates to individuals who had become homeless due to the fires.

In almost all of these accidents, the responsible individuals and/or companies have been remorseful. And, while many of the individuals whose property was destroyed, have been injured or killed had insurance, it is still important for everyone injured or who has family members killed in a train accident, house fire or airplane crash to retain legal counsel in Northern Nevada personal injury cases. Please contact Benson and Bingham for a free legal consultation today.

Benson and Bingham, while based in Las Vegas, has connections across the State of Nevada which enable them to represent those injured through negligence in Las Vegas or Reno. In 2010, we secured over $10,000,000 in awards for our clients. We pride ourselves on developing long lasting relationships with our clients

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