Chemical Burns at Reno’s Discovery Museum

“Explosion at a children’s science museum” are not words you want to hear or read, let alone live through. And by “live through” here we are describing either being burned in the accident or being the parent of a child who was injured by chemical burns in Reno at the Discovery Museum. The truth of the accident, by many reports, is far less devastating that perhaps the initial headline leads you to believe. We think of explosions and most people may be thinking of big, destructive fireballs. Things you’ve seen in the movies engulf cars or helicopters, or tear down buildings or whole cities. You may imagine dynamite or propane tank or who knows what. Fortunately, this so-called explosion was a chemical flash that, while it did injure a few people and send them to the hospital, did not kill anyone or cause any affected parties to have to stay long in the hospital.

We do not in the least mean to belittle the pain and fright that this chemical burn accident in Washoe County caused the children and the adults in the room. Some were burned and required medical treatment, and at least one is staying in the hospital still, though he or she is listed in good condition. Regardless of how fast kids heal and bounce back or how minor an injury, a hospital treatment costs serious money. If there was negligence of training or oversight by the part of the museum, or if the accident was due to faulty manufacture, storage, or formula for the chemicals themselves then you could be entitled to coverage for the medical bills and compensation for your time and more.

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