Two Children Killed In Reno Automobile Accident

A toddler and a young child were killed in a Reno automobile accident when a suburban utility vehicle crashed into their home on Monday, June 29th. The toddler killed was a boy, 2. The young child who died was a girl, aged 4. Police are investigating the crash and have yet to file charges against the man who ran into the home, who was 66. The accident happened just off Vassar St, at approximately 1400 Princess Ave. The children’s mother was in the home at the time of the accident but was not hurt in the Washoe County motor vehicle crash. The driver of the SUV has submitted to all examinations and is assisting police in the investigation. So far, investigators have spoken with witnesses who estimate that the SUV was travelling at almost 60 miles per hour at the time of the crash. After the crash, a neighbor, Dean Davis, ran into the home after calling police. The aftermath of the accident filled the neighborhood with a cloud of dust. A donation site has been established to raise funds for the family. The teenage niece of the two children’s mother was also in the home at the time of the crash. She was not hurt as well.


The driver of the SUV in the Northern Nevada fatal truck collision has been confirmed as Sheldon Berg, 66. Mr. Berg was driving his Subaru at the time of the crash. In January two and a half years ago, Mr. Berg was also part of another accident. At the time of the accident, Mr. Berg suffered a medical incident that may have been the cause of the January 2013 accident. Mr. Berg’s driver’s license was suspended six times – none of the suspensions have been for criminal offenses. Mr. Berg was first suspended in 2002 and then again in 2004 and 2007. In each of these three suspensions, Mr. Berg had voluntarily given up his license. Two additional times, once in 2011 and another time in 2010, Mr. Berg had his license taken away for not complying with license restrictions. In 2013, Mr. Berg’s license was again suspended when he refused to be examined by Nevada DMV officials.


Mr. Berg’s current Nevada driver’s license was granted in March 2015. Police have not answered questions as to how Mr. Berg’s license was given back after the 2013 accident and refusal to be examined.


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