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Brain Injury Fears Spur Nevada Parents to Steer Their Sons Away From Football

The National Football League is the most popular league with the most popular sport in the United States. Nearly every year, the Super Bowl, the league’s championship game, scores all-time high television viewer ratings. Networks like ESPN, CBS, NBC and FOX spend millions just for the rights to broadcast games. The quality of the games usually do not matter, the ratings for nationally televised games featuring teams at the bottom of the standings are usually the highest for all shows broadcast that evening. During the offseason, skills competitions and the Pro Bowl (the NFL’s All Star Game), continually get great ratings. Even college football’s ratings are on the rise. It has been repeatedly discussed throughout the media that concussions and the long term effects of repeated concussions are the only threat to football’s hegemony over America’s media landscape. If you or someone you love has suffered long-term brain injury from a football related concussion at any level (high school, college or professional) and would like to recoup money for lost work, medical costs and pain and suffering, contact Benson and Bingham for a free legal consultation today.

While the NFL and football at all levels are altering procedures for concussion care, these precautions may not adequately address the problem. Harvard University is currently collecting the post-mortem brains of football players from all levels to study the effects repeated concussions. They have found brains of normally healthy 40 and 50 year old former players that resemble the brains of elderly sufferers of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. The danger to the sport’s popularity will likely come from a continued reduction of players – if the dangers from post-concussion dementia continue to drive parents from allowing their children to continue to compete in the sport, the talent pool could dry up. Troy Aikman, the Super Bowl winning, Hall of Fame quarterback from the NFL’s most popular franchise recently stated as much during an appearance at a Zócalo Public Square event in Los Angeles. If you have suffered from depression and reduced mental capacity from repeated concussions playing football, contact Benson and Bingham to discuss your case today.

Benson and Bingham are Nevada personal injury attorneys who lead the state in personal injury cases. While the attorneys have successfully litigated many brain injury cases they have also won multiple car accident, workplace injury, wrongful death and other types of personal injury cases. In 2010 and 2011, the firm successfully accrued over $24,000,000 in awards for their clients.

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