Construction Deaths at Project CityCenter in Las Vegas Investigated

Capitol Hill recently staged hearings to investigate safety issues in Nevada’s construction industry.  The hearings are partly due to six deaths of constructions workers during the development of Project CityCenter in Las Vegas, NV.

Rusty Billingsley’s brother in law, George Cole, testified during the hearings in regards to the tragic death of Billingsley who fell from Project City Center in October of 2007.  The project is expected to cost more then $7 billion dollars to construct, and the casualties to construction workers has already taken its toll.

Nevada OSHA has investigated the incident, and also provided testimony during the hearings.  Their investigation saw areas of the project shut down while they analyzed the events that lead to the accident.  It was reported that Billingsley, a member of the Local 433 Ironworker’s Union, accidentally hit his head on a beam before falling to his death.

The federal government is investigating Billingsley’s death and other recent construction related tragedies in Nevada due to the rising number of accidents and injuries sustained in the construction industry; furthermore, they are investigating whether OSHA is performing its job adequately.

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