Four People Die in Single Engine Plane Accident in Southern Nevada

Two couples from Contra Cost County in California died June 28th when their single-engine plane crashed near Mount Charleston. One of the victims, Erik Nunn, was piloting the aircraft with his wife and another couple, when the airplane descended too low and clipped some power lines near Echo Road.

The crash set off a twelve acre blaze that left residents scrambling due to evacuation plans in the area. As of Sunday night the blaze was nearly contained, although over 200 firemen were called to the scene.

The cause of the plane accident approximately 40 miles outside Las Vegas had not been determined, although an investigator with the Federal Aviation Administration was called to evaluate the evidence at the crash site. This may prove difficult since much of the surrounding land was laid waste to the ensuing blaze. Luckily, none of the nearby homes were damaged during the planes descent, and the fire was more easily contained since the area had been recently damaged by an avalanche preventing the fire from spreading more dramatically.

Plane and air accidents are usually unforeseen tragedies; however, sometimes negligence or faulty equipment may lead to a crash. If you or a loved one has been injured or hurt in an air accident in the Southern Nevada area (Grand Canyon, McCarran International, Henderson), and believe the accident could have been avoided or was due to negligence or defected plane equipment, contact the Law Offices of Benson & Bingham, Air Accident Attorneys at Law.

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