Icy Roads Cause Many Reno Car Accidents

With winter finally rearing its icy head, car crashes in the Reno area are coming fast and furious. Just the other day, when there was a little precipitation that froze on the roads, there were so many vehicle accidents in South Reno on Interstate 580 that they had to shut the road down in both directions. More than 25 vehicles were involved in this multitude of accidents, including several that hit a fire truck that was responding to the scene of other accidents. In fact, that wasn’t even the only accident that involved an emergency vehicle, as another car struck a different fire engine later on. Neither of the accidents, according to Washoe County Fire Chief Charles Moore, caused irreparable damage. However, it does strain the department to have two trucks needing repairs and out of commission. Several individuals were also taken to the hospital as a result of these accidents. If you’re injured in a motor vehicle accident in Washoe County and need an experienced lawyer, contact Benson & Bingham Attorneys at Law today for a free consultation to determine your legal rights.

As these accidents happened on snowy and icy roads, it can be easy for people, including the police who make initial accident assessments, to determine them no-fault accidents. However, this is often not the case. It doesn’t matter why, if someone was driving negligently for the conditions, they are at fault. Even going 30 miles per hour could be going too fast on an icy highway, and could legal be given a speeding ticket in Nevada for not taking conditions into consideration. People to commute to and from Carson City or points south along 580 know that there is that steep hill coming down off the new freeway, and know that not only does it get icy at the bottom of it, but that it’s easy to pick up speed coming down the hill and being going too fast for the road conditions.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident in Northern Nevada you need a top lawyer to make sure things like road conditions are taken into consideration. Benson & Bingham’s attorneys understand all the different types of factors that can come into play, and can get you the best compensation possible for your injuries if another was at fault. We do this type of law all across Nevada, so if you’re injured on vacation in Las Vegas our lawyers can help with that, too. Contact Benson  & Bingham today for a free consultation.

Snow Driving Tips:

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