Multiple Vehicle Accident in Washoe County, 1 Dead

A large investigation is underway as the Nevada Highway Patrol looks into a huge multi-vehicle car accident in Washoe County east of Sparks. A little before 8 in the morning on Friday Chevy S10 is said to have struck two cars and a semi for an as-yet unknown reason. The blue Chevy ended up on its wheels after that, but not before rolling multiple times and across into the oncoming lanes. Injuries were suffered by only two people in the vehicles that were struck, and only minor ones. The driver of the semi-truck wasn’t immediately hurt, though the driver of the S-10 passed away at the scene before he could be brought anywhere for treatment. If you’re injured in a Northern Nevada car accident and have medical bills you need paid, and injury time you need to pay for, call experienced accident attorneys Benson & Bingham today to discuss your legal options free of charge.

As mentioned earlier, not much yet is known about this accident and its causes yet. The Communications Center at the Nevada Department of Public Safety is soliciting input and help with details from anyone who might have witnessed this fatal car accident near Reno. If you happen to have seen all or part of it, call 775-687-0400, and mention it is about NHP case number 1401192. We’re pretty sure you won’t need or be expected to have that case number handy, though, and probably just describing the accident vaguely will get them to it. Though these aren’t rare, Reno car accidents or in Southern Nevada , this big an accident and one involving multiple vehicles, a commercial truck accident near Reno and the loss of life will get it extra scrutiny and investigation.

Benson & Bingham’s top Reno accident attorneys can help if you’re injured in a car accident like this, or any other type of injury that was due to the fault of another person. Our experienced lawyers can get you top dollar compensation to help pay your medical bills, and cover you while you’re unable to work or have lost property  or quality of life. Contact Benson & Bingham today for a free consultation.

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