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Man Pleads Not Guilty In Reno Automobile Accident That Killed Two Young Children

The Police Department of Reno released information on a non-guilty plea by a Reno man who killed two young children. The man accused in the accident Sheldon Berg, 55, is accused of vehicular manslaughter (two counts). Mr. Berg issued his plea on Thursday, October 1st. Mr. Berg was not held on bail and the next time he will be seen is court is still yet to be determined. Even though Mr. Berg was released on self recognizance, the 66-year old Reno resident with a history of losing his license will not be allowed to drive until his trial for the South Reno automobile accident.


In late June this year, Mr. Berg is accused of crashing into a house on Princess Ave. at Vassar St. in Reno. When he crashed into the house on a sunny Monday afternoon, two very young kids died. Mr. Berg was behind the wheel of a Subaru heading westerly on Brentwood Ave when he didn’t stop for a stop sign and crashed into the house. In the home when the crash occurred was a young mother and her son, daughter and niece. The daughter, 4, and the son, 2, were killed in the Washoe County car crash. Mr. Berg may have suffered some type of attack of a medical nature at the time of the accident. Police investigators have uncovered another crash involving Mr. Berg from early 2013 that was the result of a medical incident. The type of medical incident or attack is unknown at this time.
A search of Mr. Berg’s records with the Nevada vehicle registration department uncovered that the license for Mr. Berg had been suspended since 2002 six times. None of the license suspensions were for misdemeanor or felony arrests or convictions or for Northern Nevada vehicle collisions. Mr. Berg voluntarily handed over his license three times, once in 2002, once in 2004 and once in 2007. In 2010 and again in 2011, Mr. Berg refused to comply with recommended restrictions on his license, which resulted in those two suspensions. In 2013, Mr. Berg declined to be examined by the motor vehicle department, which resulted in yet another suspension. Mr. Berg was granted a new license after each suspension legally by following processes outlined by Nevada state law and motor vehicle regulations. Mr. Berg’s current driving license was given to him in March 2015. Reno police have stated that when someone has an automobile accident because of a medical reason, for this person’s license to be reinstated, he must be medically evaluated.

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