25 Vehicle Crash in Northern Nevada

Snow does not automatically mean accident. That’s always an important thing to remember if you’ve been injured in a car crash in Northern Nevada on icy roads: negligence is still negligence. If another driver was driving too fast and caused you to be injured, the snow and ice doesn’t zero out the fault of the other driver. All driving manuals, insurance policies, traffic laws, and case law say you should drive an appropriate speed for the conditions.

Now, every traffic accident is different. But there are some general rules of thumb that people go by to say it’s likely one party or the another caused a Nevada traffic accident. Generally, it is the fault of the person driving the rear most vehicle. That’s a pretty standard one, though, like anything, not always the case. Snow driving is no different. If the car in front of you loses control and their ensuing accident causes you to get in an accident, for example, could certainly not be your fault even though you’re in the rear vehicle in the wreck. A multi-vehicle accident in Nevada is even more complicated, with chains of fault and negligence, with the potential for almost as many individuals with part responsibility as there are accidents on the freeway.

No matter what, you need a good Nevada attorney to help you sort out the position you’re in following an accident. Benson & Bingham’s top Nevada attorneys handle accident in Las Vegas and Reno, and everything in between, and offer free initial consultations so you can come learn your legal rights and options without any risk or pressure. We’ll explain your position to you in plain English. If you have a claim to file and lawsuit or settlement to pursue, Benson & Bingham will represent you as only experienced Nevada attorneys can.

Massive chain reaction pileups like this are not infrequently the case on days like today in Reno which saw a massive 25 vehicle accident in the blizzardy conditions heading up toward the pass right around the California state line. In part due to the accident and in part due to the weather.

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