Nevada Skiing Accident Kills One

We have recently the sad story of a woman dying in an accident in Northern Nevada after being injured in an accident on the ski slopes. It’s still early, and as we always caution, initial details or “facts” reported by the news media, bloggers, and sometimes even the police can turn out not to be the case with further investigation. What we are hearing so far is that a woman died on the slopes at Heavenly Resort, the result of a crash with a snowboarder. This woman who died, an accountant at UNR originally from Massachusetts, may have been skiing without a helmet at the time of the accident. She was flown to Reno but remained unresponsive, and was removed from life support per the wishes of her family. If a family member of yours is killed in an accident in Reno or near Lake Tahoe, you need a top lawyer who can handle the terrible details of dealing with an estate, any insurance company or hospital bills and negotiations, and any claim for compensation you may have due to the negligence of another in causing the accident. Benson & Bingham can help.

This type of fatal or injury accident in the Washoe County area is unfortunately not terribly rare. Perhaps the hardest part sometimes is knowing that a helmet or other safety device like a seat belt could have possibly saved a life or quality of life following an accident that wasn’t your fault. You can be as careful as you want, as good a skier or snowboarder as you can be, but someone else’s negligence, or pure chance, an accident like this can happen. Take it from us, top Reno lawyers for accidents and injuries who see this stuff all the time, wearing a helmet or a seat belt or other appropriate safety gear, depending on your sport, can greatly reduce the severity of your injury or even save your life.

Benson & Bingham offers free consultations so you can learn your legal rights without worry. Our lawyers have decades of combined experience, and millions of dollars in awards and settlements, that ensures you a great outcome, and experience generally, in this hard time. We handle all types of different injury accidents, like the broader category that this falls under of a vacation injury in Nevada. Contact us today so we can help you, as we have helped so many others.

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