Deadly Crash in Northern Nevada Near Hawthorne

A very bad vehicle accident happened this morning just outside of Hawthorne. This Northern Nevada vehicle accident took place on Interstate 95 to the north of Hawthorne, to be precise. One individual died as a result of the accident. Additionally, four people were injured in serious conditions as they were thrown from the vehicle in the crash. These individuals were, per the Nevada Highway Patrol, taken to Reno via airlift from a helicopter.  The wreck closed the entire highway for time. The freeway was then reopened at a later point but with the southbound lane completely closed and the northbound lane having to cover the traffic from both directions with Nevada Highway Patrol supervising the area and the switches.

From a news report on the Northern Nevada fatal car accident, we know the following:

“The silver Toyota Sienna was registered in Washington state and had two Washington passengers and four from Germany, Dauber said. For a reason still being determined it rolled as it headed south on U.S. 95 just south of Walker lake, Dauber said. At least five were ejected, Dauber said.

The one person who died on scene was from Germany. Four others have serious injuries and were initially taken to Mt. Grant Hospital in Hawthorne.

Because of weather problems Care Flight had difficulty getting to Hawthorne so arrangements were being made to take them on a military helicopter, Dauber said.”

This sounds like a terrible case of someone being killed on vacation in Nevada. That type of occurrence happens with unfortunate regularity. We’ve seen in the news recently the joy ride plane excursion that ended in death for one bachelor party guest and the pilot of the plane. Vehicle accidents and pedestrian accidents in Nevada are also common ways for out of town visitors to meet tragic ends.

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