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New Tool for Police in Reno to Investigate Car Accidents

Car accidents in Reno, and those who want to avoid the bill for an accident in which they were at fault, have a new enemy, The Reno Police Department, thanks to a significant grant and the machinery it funded. The Nevada Office of Traffic Safety awarded the Reno Police Department $65,000 to help fund the purchase of a three dimensional imaging system that is used to help investigate car accidents and reconstruct the scene, and therefore, negligence and culpability. The Major Accident Investigation Team of the Reno Police Department will be the keepers of the system, which is used to take the place of time consuming and potentially faulty measurements and diagrams that are typically made by hand. This human made measurement and documentation system – let’s call it the “old school” way – has, or had, in the case of Reno, all kinds of drawbacks. For starters, it was terribly time consuming. If an accident had closed all or part of a roadway, that meant an even longer period of traffic and headache due to the investigation. By that same token, that manual old school method took man hours that could have otherwise been spent of other more pressing police work, like patrolling areas to cut down on crime, or time spent investigating other and possibly more serious crimes. Then there’s the high-tech aspect of it, that creates three dimensional imaging, high precision measurements, and other fancy shmancy calculations which can make accident investigation more accurate and useful for police and regular citizens alike.

Benson & Bingham Attorneys at Law cover Las Vegas and Reno vehicle accidents, and we know all about this equipment, and any other accident investigation tool you can think it. Did the above sound like a promo for the technology? Well, perhaps it was a little tongue in cheek. Technology is only as good as the human operating it. That being said, the equipment, from FARO Technologies, is at least a Nevada company so we’re proud of our state for producing high tech options for accident investigation. However, nothing is flawless, regardless of human error. A good Nevada vehicle accident attorney knows when technology is the right way to bolster your claim, and when it’s not. If you’ve been injured in a Reno or Las Vegas car crash, Benson & Bingham’s attorneys should be your choice for legal counsel. Contact us today for a free consultation to see us in action – we’re confident you’ll make the best decision for you and your situation.

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