Snowy Crashes in Reno

When it’s snowy, any number of car accidents in Reno involving injuries may be initially ruled an accident. This is because of the weather, and the fact that things can at first appear like no one was at fault in these type of conditions. But if you were injured and need compensation for your injuries in a Washoe County vehicle accident and believe the other party was at fault, you need a lawyer like Benson & Bingham Attorneys at Law who can help you sort out if you have a case, regardless of what the initial accident report stated, and take care of you if you do. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your situation.

How might it be that an injury accident in Northern Nevada that was initially ruled as no-fault turn out to be actually caused by the negligence of another party, which gives you a better claim to pursue compensation? Well, the last few days in Washoe County have shown some of the most common ways: snow, and slick roads that don’t seem to be plowed hardly at all, especially when you get off the main roads where the snow gets melted from vehicle traffic as much as anything else. Crashes in the snow are frequent, as we saw in recent news reports on car crashes in the Reno area, and often times get ruled accidents initially because they seem to have been the fault of the snow, and there are so many accidents that police officers sometimes don’t have the time to look at the whole picture of it, unless someone was clearly driving under the influence in Nevada, for example. But here’s the thing: even if the other party was going under the speed limit and not drunk and just slid into you, it may very well be their fault. Speed limits are for the best of conditions; if the person was going too fast for driving on the snowy roads, then you may have a case to collect compensation. This, snow, is not a reason for accidents that you see a lot in Las Vegas car accidents. But they see plenty of accidents from air or wet roads, which happen so infrequently that drivers don’t necessarily know how to drive in them or to slow down, which can cause plenty of accidents that act like this in practice.

Benson & Bingham can help you if you’ve been injured in Northern Nevada and need a lawyer. We offer free consultations so that you can come talk to us even if you’re not sure about your ability to collect compensation. If you do have a case to pursue, we can get you the best compensation possible for your injuries in a Reno car accident. Contact Benson & Bingham today.

Tips for Driving in the Snow:

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