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The Evolution of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD)

The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) is a government publication issued under the guidance of the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration.  The manual sets the minimum standards and ensures uniformity throughout Nevada, as well as the United States,  for all traffic control devices.  The document is constantly changing as new technologies, traffic innovations and rules and regulations evolve through the country, but is constantly being incorporated by local law standards, including the Highway Patrol, Sheriffs and other police officers in Nevada.

The first MUTCD was first  published in 1937 after the American Association of State Highway Officials (AASHO) and the National Conference on Street and Highway Safety (NCSHS) combined to form the Joint Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (JC).  While the manual was first produced in 1935, it was only published two years later since demand for the information was so high.  Obviously as the rules of the road changed dramatically over time the document has evolved considerably since its inception.  New traffic devices and other rules for construction and maintenance operations were only addressed with the start of the Interstate Highway System.

Today, the document is still used throughout the country as a guide on both National and State levels.  Due to the constant changing of the documentation, the best place to find the most current version of the MUTCD is on their website,   The publication is constantly evolving and takes suggestions from local and state agencies as well as other quasi governmental traffic agencies; so, if you believe there is a currently problem with the way a device operates or the rules of the road, don’t get mad, get even and contact the MUTCD with your gripe.  Otherwise, if you have been cited for failure to use due care, or other tickets including reckless driving, speeding tickets or warrants, contact the experts at Ticket Power.

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