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Washoe County Woman Killed in Carson City Rodeo Horse Accident

Rodeos can be very dangerous for everyone and everything involved: for the humans who ride the animals to the spectators and obviously for the animals themselves. While many see rodeos as part of Nevada’s and the rest of the West’s cultural heritage, the violent nature of the sport creates serious concerns for its future. The recent allegations of animal cruelty at the Reno rodeo have shone a bright light on one of the sport’s closely held secrets. Now, Saturday’s death of a rider during the Carson City Rodeo has illustrated the dangers of the sport for humans. If you were injured or you had a relative die while competing in a Northern Nevada wrongful death accident, the attorneys of can help you to recover money for medical bills, lost work and even pain and suffering.

Mariam Morelos, a resident of Washoe County, was crushed by the horse she was riding when it fell on her. The Washoe County Medical Examiner released their findings, saying that Ms. Morelos was killed by massive internal injuries and bleeding brought about by being crushed by her approximately 1000 lb. horse. The woman was pronounced dead at a local hospital after being rushed there by a Care-flight helicopter. If a relative of yours has passed away due to a Carson City wrongful death accident, NV-Attorney can represent you.

NV-Attorney is the Northern Nevada arm of the Las Vegas personal injury law firm, Benson and Bingham. We handle all types of personal injury cases including Reno wrongful death, Northern Nevada insurance fraud and even injuries from cars and motorcycles. Our family owned firm prides itself on the strong relationships we build with those we represent. We understand the tragedy associated with personal injury cases and we do our best to handle the legal end of the catastrophe to enable people to heal their injuries or grieve for their loss.


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